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Getting Inspiration from History when Remodeling the Bathroom

GETTING INSPIRATION FROM HISTORY WHEN Remodeling the Bathroom Personal hygiene was important even during the ancient times but it was not conducted with the same rigour as today. In more well-to-do homes, bathrooms came complete with decorative wash stands and wash basins that closely resemble what is available today. The History of Bathrooms Who invented the first bathroom? The first records on the use of baths date as far back as 3000 B.C. The third millennium of B.C. was considered the age of cleanliness. Water had a strong religious value as a purifying element for both the body and soul The earliest surviving bathtub dates back to 1700 B.C. and hails from the Palace of Knossos in Crete The first examples of baths were developed by Jacob Delafon of Paris. The original baths sell for thousands of pounds and are as popular now as when they were first developed in 1850 – 1900 Bathing in Greek and Roman times Bathing played a major role in ancient Roman culture and society and was considered a communal activity Lavatories Women's Dressing Room The layout of Roman baths included three entrances: Women's Warm Room one for men, one for women and one for slaves. It often contained a courtyard or Palaestra which is an Women's Hot Room Men's Sauna open-air garden for exercise. Furnaces Before taking a Roman bath, the bather must induce Men's Swimming Pool sweating by gradually exposing himself to different temperatures; the caldarium (hot bath), tepidarium (warm bath) and frigidarium (cold bath). Thermaes featured steam baths: sudatorium (moist steam bath) and Men's Exercise yard Men's Hot Room Men's Cold Room Men's Warm Room laconicum (dry stream bath like modern sauna) Men's Dressing Room Greeks begun bathing regimens that formed the foundation of modern spas In ancient Rome, thermaes were facilities for bathing that also became a social meeting place Ancient Greeks were the first people who had real showers with plumbed-in water as depicted on an Athenian vase of the 4th century BC Who invented the shower? The first mechanical shower was operated via a hand pump and was patented in England in 1767 by William Feetham. The original prototype was steadily improved upon through the years, into the showers we use today. Who invented the first toilet? The flush toilet was invented in 1596 by John Harrington but it did not become widespread until 1851 Joseph Bramah of Yorkshire patented the first practical water closet in England in 1778 In 1852, George Jennings took out a patent on the first flush toilet 1500's 1600's 1700's 1800's 1900's 2000's Costs of remodeling a small bathroom Small bathrooms are generally less expensive to remodel because: Factors that can affect cost of bathroom remodeling Lesser square footage Fewer materials are needed Changing the layout Plumbing & electricity Fixtures & Lesser time spent lower labor cost appliances The average cost of a new bathroom is around £3,000 but this can vary whether you are starting from scratch, replacing an existing bathroom, doing the work on DIY basis and according to the level of luxury you want Electric showers are the cheapest option, economical to run and easy to install and cost about £o £3,000 £50 up £50-60 £60-500 093 Bath and shower mixers Manual shower mixer Ceramic pedal basins Water Closets (Flush Toilet) RESOURCES: bathrooms & more store https://en.wikipediaorg/wiki/Shower http://www.thevictorianemporiumcom/publications/history/article/history_of_bathrooms

Getting Inspiration from History when Remodeling the Bathroom

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Before you think of giving your bathroom a facelift, it is important to consider the costs as well as the current design trends for inspiration. Drawing design inspiration from nature is also a great ...




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