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Forbidden City

life PAGE 18 CHINA DAILY k CHINADAILY.COM.CN/LIFE THURSDAY, MAY 22, 2014IPAGE 19 OPENING The Forbidden City UP THE PALACE MUSEUM In 2016, the area of the Farbieden City open to the publie will be 76% Coring an are of 1.12 square k ter en the is of Beting cits, the Forhidden City. baik in 1423. ws where 24 emperes of the Ming (1368-144 and Qing (1644-1911) dymties lived. In 1s25, one prar ate Qings last monanch Aisie Goro Puyi ded the palace, It opened sa the public uum. In 197, becme one of the fret lited UNESCO Werld Hertagr Ste Ie China There are abo 00 tegles hals nd o in the worlds get palace complex and wooden ardian comples Thene ane cutaral llcs collected by the ueam and as of s collectians ane considered "precio A Three Malsof the uter cot E Hal of M Vler .G.Pere of Cempe and Tranqu D. P of May Splendorsnd P ei tte e Happ E.S Wester Pelaces Three Palaces ef the tr Cert Siu Eastens cakuul aulice Palace Opened Open an H. Pelace of Treng Langelty Opened puc aas LHall teary The director of the Palace Museum is working tirelessly to improve visitors' experiences at the World Heritage Site and protect its ancient treasures. He talks to Wang Kaihao about his passion for this unique symbol of China. ane ha ieng ay hare d etng neer achieved by y of the kti Qlanyuan Belvedere Ade Ahur aking fhe potice diorathe a a Mein be o l oce pi hand emne ont pelor comples and wooda anchittail co Akyart Dagaandan oys esnt Temple. tes buiti Sa Aaminataton of the a wm given to the Pelece Munum 203. l beopered tothe publie far te hen enovaton is completed in 2s in Raoyun Building 1can banly tak g day off l year I hat ty wk arsd the pal But in1S. Westen style vileishe ony hatoricstracture tromthe puble erowa(laia periodtin he mm. korgnalyuntet alreic wanoe. The viltla willbe partaly openedo thepicaaha introducingthe tory of the foridden Cny aner teanamnin s Southern Warehouse tiethe o srurin ey The d southerwerhoe afte foan ty ha coruounly been conucion ute The come ine than eingthe pmenin chargrof অ coplen nee, rich tory nd tn fr aand the work, youcanot ব Coerg an aa af a u emeen the e idden C. be 1 warehosoginw set tebermtored. mght Deed tobit anciet untu The Paace mtasin i colection 603,000 was The Paace Muunhas ancent oond ments Cining Gong (Palsce of Compansien and Tranquility) a tias, ane yar atur te ine mrch Ain Clono hii was fanond Inee thee opemedte ieces o the pube In onteingane ame enutChia NESCO wd er maetmd ap N other major the world ha lt ance othe laostofa Shen s 1 oen deture te the wod wihet ey e pation Thie g the work tep tve mu. ogither with the Lauv the Matropalitan Maof Art. the Beitish Mmnd he Sus krnitag Mue um do a heta when akut haw any cultanal loke bthe sem "L hay with con den e munte atistie n ech f the 25 Caate of i, incuting peintines 75 pe cs of caligupky aad plees of copper wa. er peinatang r Dral relies detaled avey winding up 30, we n y e ndegrend wrchouse in ntartyin at predr dais the me v he wrk fet un nbd ce te nd, aititice hala avion caty hap Made si, the wilon aling Wan erbae estimating hat we w he Plee Msem w fint emsin reef bee hes the work top proles ert het er Chie eltal largnt einl rvellane abaz I lon piecn ltinte ha bald u tha a dond to the dal aaing Chis ia' otion, and te ye or a maun te waiting or over n bour aad tionadowide 6,200 367,000 The wor gt estaration poroelen pieces Qing dynaes Mt wicover Firet buit inSG idence e then 181,000 20,000 andewood and other precious meterie afarch and omemental val soneof thenest imporat paiaces in ewestenoert ofrthe mseum.nds plenned to open to the putien2 ahhng embroderyecem ancent sptures 75,000 phws quare en completed in 201s or that pace 5,000 pento the publie. The new speceis be buitnthe The Palace Muun has out 53,000 11,000 Technology Center of Cultural Relics Pretection The ceMunta penting |Imperial Household Department ionicharg of neren tsef Bengndll be e pert 29,000 170,000 menteining and restoring utaral reies we este The orginai budings no longerst They wen placad by some temporary trus Apimto mcorstruct the atout unde thete degn werheune r c ota 600,000 shedin the 0s u the renin not coen to the puble. soptares. including fprinen. store coving end Budchststetuen. ocoerngeststrie parade tarting ram heWaming Sates Penad tonerings udngs i etet to the e Mum quare nesotancien buiding DAN DA more atard elio May even moredateltduetehe the palable nda re moemet of poeton NI te itiona hare thetice bethspes the The mtrane fee is m "Ereryene vatine fhe P edet. and en tbe othr res efthemembaed g poe low ne and ur dutr of main The saa0qua r shd b o onag at pencel Sa tike wark Sha s -mh lower ed equally. They heve the re dmt empt When 1 pering betind dosed doen betoouch mn chieet" o Pdmp e op mg den per em p Sepn o prand ken si n eri dering envaton inations that work Ide eperviring the Being da, wthaa gc Sn g ptyiag dora be baned so in ht of tha Nad catand liks la slowing the cnowd, bow de ya ho Sot. Theinfanatpecial Mo aa ia the Fud-o kp t original facades orbidom City u San aigal os uuE "Mer standing in line than ma ler turtr rht to coeerwhchorte to ed into enhtien Terepect the hton we There are st ome rering into the m The men more than 90000 itarl pebile. n he deed t ester the mseum on 7vtkon acripes at pa wrt idertor modur da s0o s yua ( arol any dunge te viTly be operatioa a haw te right a haa r pople wila the adtaladntdaot ata ok il den Ciy wia be opeed o u adem ligie nd n it a ine far tem aatraction pla " al en y mpemor Gtenkng cene w oly saada f cuturalica pwmt a not wtica has omd dow the Sadity aalao cracial whea dosa Manday eend he palsce. They etet themetmper e bet he nelleved he weriing preen were dvent in r"heepleins. "Weda owle to re mone relle Keerthelen. e cet heservkdinefirend ne Hespecting visiters uarkd b TT mer ond en re wh er bert erip umek edtens So eor h To perperethe netanal diesten. Thef reertved 534 ien v one cripe of Napalnca tDurational taes lang plecs, o andaloed ber hibla l our priary ajar conoe. Janaparta, wuld protably deuredipity solieb turitu, Sally hat chane cooe- atima vtshen in the comireyean earthgnakr peecntien ereotherewiorepr Ive dene here demelah y 200, the soh berh whem ther come from she hla Mem me e pemident Prncote Helande mber wil re to 5 per raes for meatke pler cn be reriore. He dar of e peer, the oty eerios part efr er west egan et be sn ther telmone tfthe pal ortenl relic. Thm, we wi aa Fuidden ty of "Many aw oatractiona pace and spieador fur the Being the person in charge of such a museum with such complex needs, rich history and intense atten tion from around the world, you cannot epect to sleep well" m ensdmtie te let a oelalnestioe om the om wooden coestretiom carty Oe Thes why oer em new moed to ekr te istr Soking i bened in ed San n. "eoki ta ed prvia t wvty L fint lady Onty per efthetul heda a ado apglied" rton nd the tradi akg viaton with moe diet Onesevenh of va to the Michelie Ohar and Premch is now opem, bet the Shan ss we of h l kek tthe nchircin restoring ealtanl t ma advanoet iedrutru thar had ben left pond i nah. Rearatioa ispoa iing the riske pond by opnce o ma r s pom pmed L EEO pa n par vm tmo n er S ner vateme deadiprideererin bet un a, nd the of visan brings ay thal olangap a piy that any val m wiag-ceahe hoe at emial ie ander odwalaty 2. Pertupa Sha bigper an anly wak thruagh the qa and conubies - ar the unchitture with SHAN JOANG TOR OFTHEALACE MSM San ag mt polio watid oely am who knpes rphe wheieof the We e wad gs ", whe de wabae a undway iaioe placeo betand o bactuns, aad so the operudane of the aa la kow how me tossting seorets hi s000sgm ara nd eree de e Anew pret to rmevee testkr ofhe dirt and wt A ew seum, overing wil take erer the scerty al itor mben er "Bet we cot incresse e hes been to opem the mietng me otie beueled to the pblie repect. Fer empie, he did he bi reomt deedes sent 0 ynas Tatet vhu foction ther Onte of Omta herirof or coe t cant pm they mar om whthan serve. they mart be on wengheshe Shan gu openiag me lhew og , downta gwway tache paut, inaday pas t an wona the race . Many vi ddetrua p, which w aibita atd inthe ta frthe fine tia. na allow any gra ta pow in the Furidden Ciy Sio the wa which wil o espand an and d Ne Muem being bet thefetar ndal ei in nerm to spmd keet en t ee e kwinme traddonly enlypened for ples in the to wing" be Mestonation of the hape in he nerhweren out theeumwibeegutped heur wating in e to be filin We cant st the mpren. and in modm on. On one han, the cen. Arctectural treasure capacity bald socee uner of lic ade kira of leiag ta ino wih ierachips 0 por n ticor Atir han ordured daor in tir fuos p pres mil parn ofe uno 000Y EARS

Forbidden City

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The story of the Palace Museum. Showcasing the open area of the Forbidden City and the palace to be opened after 2020.



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