Flashback! The History of Fire Engines and Emergency Lighting

Flashback! THE HISTORY OF FIRE ENGINES AND EMERGENCY LIGHTING HISTORY OF THE FIRE TRUCK 1600s European inventors develop pumping systems for large volumes of water 1654 From: Europe Boston receives hand-pumped fire engine from Europe 1700s Fire engines become popular in America 1719 1731 1737 1743 Philadelphia gets its first fire engine New York City receives a fire engine from London Benjamin Franklin organizes the first volunteer fire fighting company Thomas Lote builds first fire engine made in America 1800s Fire fighting becomes a paid profession and horse-drawn engines are popular 1841 First self-propelled steam engine built in New York 1900s Many of today's standard apparatuses are added to fire engines 1905 1910s 1930s First modern fire engine created by Knox Automobile in Massachusetts Motorized fire engines become common Ladders reaching up to 150 feet are mounted on fire engines 1940s 1948 1960s Rotating beacons invented for emergency Platforms are mounted Fire engines designed with enclosed seating for crew on top of ladders vehicles A LOOK AT LIGHTS STYLES Body and Grille Lights Single Rotating Light Bar Beacon Mirror rotates around light bulb to reflect light Long, dome unit holds several fixed, flashing or rotating lights Interior controls turn on flashing or rotating bulbs BULBS Quartz-Halogen and Incandescent Strobe LED • 1948 - today • Use declining for fire engines • Less bright and less efficient - 1960s - today • 1990s - today • Use rapidly growing for fire engines • Very bright, efficient, and small •Commonly used for fire engines • Bright and rapid flashing Provided by: Sources: STL

Flashback! The History of Fire Engines and Emergency Lighting

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Benjamin Franklin did a lot for his county, including starting the first American volunteer firefighting company! Find out how firefighters and fire truck lights have changed over the years by looking...


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