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Famous Historical Predictions - Psychic Future

PREDICTIONS DOWN TO THE PENNY Humans have always wanted to see into the future. The ancient Greeks believed that oracles spoke on behalf of their gods, and could make predictions about the future. Throughout history predictions have been made by holy men, psychics, scholars and statisticians regarding the apocalypse, natural disasters, climate change, political change and even sporting events. PE Nestatanus 16th century French apothecary and renow ned "seer" Nostradamus published a volume of predictions in his 1555 book "The Prophecies", some of which have come true to life. His predictions seemed to correctly describe The Great Fire of London with eerie accuracy and also the rise of Adolf Hitler. THE WALL STREET BROADWAY WALL ST CRASH "The Sleeping Prophet" Edgar Case warned a New York stockbroker in 1929 of an impending "great disturbance within financial circles". 6 months later, the Wall Street Crash happened. OKLAHOMA BOMBING American psychic medium Tana Hoy appeared on a radio show in 1995 and predicted that a 6:39 terrorist attack on an American federal building would occur within the same year. 90 minutes later, Timothy McVeigh detonated a bomb at the Alfred P Murrah building in Oklahoma, which was the biggest terrorist attack on American soil be fore 9/11. Ocean TSUAGMI Jeffry Palmer is an Australian psychic who had been disputed before he correctly predicted Hurricane Katrina that hit America in 2005, and the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004 that became one of the world's deadliest natural disasters. paul the octopus Psychic abilities might not just be restricted to humans - Paul the all-seeing octopus correctly predicted the outcome of 8 fixtures during the 2010 football World Cup. Robots The World Future Society has predicted that within the 10 years following 2013, robots will be re fined and redeveloped to become better care givers for frail individuals and patients. Japanese researchers are already looking into ways improve the RIBA 2 (Robot for Interactive Body Assistance) to lift people more easily. A Psychic Future positive guidance, for positive change If you want to know what the future holds. Psychic Future may be able to help, offering a range of psychic reading consultation services including horoscopes, psychic phone readings, tarot readings and clairvoyance. Links https://www.w NY

Famous Historical Predictions - Psychic Future

shared by joshnichols on Dec 23
This infographic focuses on some of the most famous historical predictions over the last 600 years. Spanning back to Nostradamus in 1555, all the way to Paul the Octopus in the 2010 world cup!


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