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The Evolutionary Tree of Religion

THE HUMAN THE EVOLUTIONARY TREE OF RELIGION (Faith, Myths & Mysticism) v 2.0 ODYSSEY European African Middle East Indian N. American Central / Mesoamerica S. American New Guinean / Australian East Asian Arctic Oceanic Transported to the Americas via the slave The Golden Scientology Anthroposophy 1887 CE 1912 CE Neo Wicca Thelema Reform Plains Ásatrú Rodnovery Romuva 1870 CE Baha'i Faith 1844 CE Ayyavazhi Mormonism 1954 CE 1830 CE Macumba 1900 CE Umbanda 1900 CE Dawn 1890 CE 1890 CE Druidism 1954 CE 1904 CE 1772 CE Judaism 1809 CE Hoodoo Indians Haitian 1800 CE Plateau Shamanism Indian 1700 CE 1833 CE Santo 2000 CE African Daime e Polytheism 1550 CE Voodoo 1685 Candomblé Santeria 1550 CE 1550 CE /TV Spiritism 1930 CE Shamanism 1750 CE 1500 CE Pueblo Kabbalah 1270 CE Aztec Shamanism 1450 CE Polytheism Incan 1200 CE Polytheism 1100 CE 1500 cE Catharism 1143 CE Inuit Shamanism Protestantism Rosicrucian XX Sikhism 1500 CE 1250 CE 1517 CE 1000 CE Sufism 850 CE Mississippian Shamanism Iroquois V Shamanism 1000 CE 1407 CE 800 CE Theosophy 1200 ČE 1000 CE Bon Vajrayana Buddhism Buddhism 800 CE 800 CE Islam East Orthodox Catholiciem 1054 CE 1054 CE (Shi'ite) 856 CE 750 E Norse Neo-Platonism Bogomilism Manichaeism - 940 CE 270 CE Mahay ana Buddhism Teotihuacan Polytheism 200 CE 500 CE Hermeticism 100 CE 250 CE 100 CE Polytheism 100 BCE Mithraism 250 CE 70 BCE Christianity Hellenistic Islam May an Hellenism Gnosticism 300 BCE 33 CÉ Judaism (Sunni) 300 BCE 820 CE Polytheism O 250 BCE Celtic 100 BCE Taoism Shinto Confucianiam Tengrism 550 500 BCE 500 BCE 300 BCE Slavic Theravada Polytheism 800 BCE Polytheism 500 BCE Buddhism A 250 BCE Hopewell Shamanism (Oo O CE Micronesian Animism 200 BCE 500 вСЕ Jainism 1000 BCE 1200 BCE Germanic H Polytheism A Greco-Roman 3 Mystery Cults XX Judaism Phoenician Polymeism Hinduism Buddhism Olmec Shamanism Polynesian Animism BEB888 8 1200 BCE 950 BCE3 Anasazi 1000 вСЕ Baltic 520 BCE 750 BCE Shamanism 1700 BCE Shenism: Chinese 1500 BCE 1850 BCE Polytheism 2000 BCE Ethiopian Polytheism A Polytheism 900 BCE 888 1500 BCE Zoroastrianism 1100 BCE s 1000 BCE folk religions 2000 BCE Greek Atenism 1348 BCE 2000 вСЕ 2000 BCE Vedic (Early Hindu) Polytheism 1700 BCE 2500 BCE Finnish Sami Shamanism Shamanism Melanesian Animism Indo-Iranian Polytheism Canaanite Polytheism 3000 BCE 3000 BCE 2000 BCE 2000 BCE 3500 BCE Proto-Indo Indus Bantu Animism O4 3000 BCE S Valley Nilotic European Polytheism 3500 BCE Animism Egyptian 2500 BCE A Polytheism 3000 BCE 3500 вСЕ Shamanism 3000 BCE 3300 BCE Muism Mesopotamian Polytheism 4000 BCE 4000 BCE Many of the Germanic and (Korean Shamanism) Archaic Indian Kosma Shamanism 4500 BCE Balto-Slavic 4500 BCE Shamanism Wuism 8000 BCE 4500 BCE myths were influenced by Sami-Finnish (Chinese 5000 вСЕ Berber Animism Y 9.000 BCE Yoruba E Animism 9000 BCE Shamanism) GE 5000 BCE shamanism. 10,000 BCE Proto-Nostratic (O) 20,000 BCE 15,000 BCE 0000000 Middle East Shamanism 12,500 BCE Central Asian East / South Asian Shamanism 12,500 CE Fosna Paleo-Indian A proposed origin language from Eurasia that unites the majority of world languages. It is spečulated that the people who spoke this anclent tongue were practitioners of shamanism (a bellet in a spinit world that permeates all nature). 30,000 BCE San Aboriginal Dreamtime New-Guinean European Animism Shamanism 10,000 BCE Shamanism 12,500 BCE Shamanism Animism 40,000 8000 BCE Animism 40,000 BCE 40,000 BCE 40,000 BCE 40,000 BCE 50,000 BCE 60,000 BCE This graphic Mustrates how this Nostratic faith may have spread out across the continénts, following the path of human migration, evoving Into the muittude of relliglons we are famlar with today. 70,000 BCE UK. Twitter: @Simon_E_Davies it is possible the earlest sign of relligious activity can be traced back to the Middle Palasolithic where our distant ancestors began to bury thelir dead in a rituallstic manner, and create symbollc artefacts (early signiflers of spiritual activity). PLEASE NOTE ; due to the vague nature of mythology. the origins to many of these faiths are estimates only and should mot be counted as fact. This chart cam only offer an approximation to the fou nding dates of ancient religio ms. © Designed By 80,000 BCE ---- Influenced by another religion 90,000 BCE Simon E. Davies ANIMISM: 100,000 BCE Adapted from another religion 100,000 BE

The Evolutionary Tree of Religion

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The evolution of all world religions throughout human history.




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