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The Evolution of Energy Sources: A Visual Timeline

The Evolution of Energy Sources: A Visual Timeline 500,000BC 460,000BC World's earliest definite use of fire in China 200,000BC First controlled use of fire by homo erectus 100,000BC 2000BC 1000BC Chinese first use coal for heating and cooking 500BC Passive solar energy used in Greek homes 200BC Chinese develop natural gas OBC as an energy source using it to make salt from brine 100AD Earliest vertical water wheel developed in Greece for grinding grain and pumping water 644AD First windmill recorded in Persia and used to grind grain 1000 1100 Windmills are introduced in Europe with a horizontal axis to grind grain 1200 Commercial coal mining begins in England 1500 1582 First waterworks using water wheels founded in London 1690 Widespread use of coal begins in Europe due to depletion of wood #1 1700s Coal begins to displace other energy sources such as wood, beeswax and tallow 1748 First commercial coal production begins in Richmond, Virginia, USA 1800 1839 French scientist Henry Becquerel discovers the photovoltaic effect – the production of electricity directly from the sun 1859 First oil well drilled for sole purpose of finding oil in Pennsylvania, USA 1882 World's first commercial-scale hydroelectric plant goes into operation in Appleton, Wisconsin, USA 1888 First windmill to generate electricity developed in Cleveland, Ohio, USA 1892 First geothermal district heating system built in Boise, Idaho, USA 1900 1930 SS 1935 World's largest hydroelectric power plant is built; the Hoover Dam 1937 Gas distributors start adding mercaptan to the otherwise odourless natural gas so leaks can be detected 1938 Otto Hahn, in Germany, discovers the process of nuclear fission for energy 1940 1942 Enrico Fermi, working in the United States, designs and builds the first nuclear fission reactor 1950 1950 Petroleum becomes the most consumed fuel in the United States 1951 First nuclear power reactor to generate electricity built in Idaho, USA 1956 Britain switches on its first nuclear power station; Calder Hall 1970 1974 Joseph Lindmayer develops the first silicon photovoltaic cell for harnessing solar power 1980 1980 World's first wind farm built in New Hampshire, USA. 1981 First large-scale solar-thermal power plant, Solar One, begins operation in Daggett, California 1986 World's worst nuclear meltdown occurs with nuclear fallout at Chernobyl, Ukraine 1990 1990 Fracking becomes more common with development of horizontal drilling 1996 Hydrogen Future Act passed to expand hydrogen power development 2000 2003 Plans announced to build FutureGen, the world's first zero emissions coal power plant 2010 2011 Earthquake off coast of Japan damages four nuclear power plants. 2013 Ivanpah, the world's largest concentrated solar power generation plant, goes online in the Carolina South Mojave Desert. Sources: Stringer, John (2009), Sustainable Futures Energy, London: Evans Brothers Ltd. p.20-21. Brought to you by SmB OUR EXPERTS SORT, YOUR BUSINESS SAVES Лг

The Evolution of Energy Sources: A Visual Timeline

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Though the ways and means in which we source our energy has changed quite dramatically over the last 100 years, there is a longer, more complicated story to tell, which we hope to touch on here. The i...



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