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The Evolution of Car Safety Features

A ROAD TO SAFETY EVOLUTION OF CAR SAFETY FEATURES Since the introduction of the first automobile in the late 1800s, car manufacturers have been constantly working on new techniques and technologies to improve the safety and comfort of their cars. 1898 1800s Electric headlamp Optional extra on Colum- bia Electric Car in US 1903 1926 1996 1900s Windscreen Wipers - First hand operated windscreen wipers. Electric windscreen wipers created by Bosch Rain sensing wipers introduced by Cadillac 1930 1930s Safety glass - Became standard on all Ford cars 1949 O 1940s First crash test dummy - "Sierra Sam" created by Samuel W. Alderson 1951 1952 1958 1959 1950s O Airbags - Walter Linderer gets German patent for airbag - released by bumper contact or by the driver Crumple zone Concept invented by Bela Barenyi and patented by Anti-lock braking 3 Point Seat Belts - Volvo 122 first to fit 3 point seatbelts as standard systems (ABS) - Tested in the Royal Enfield Super Meteor motorcycle Mercedes-Benz for the Ponton. 1987 1995: Traction control went electric - first electronic stability control systems by Bosch on the Mercedes-Benz W140 S-Class.- A: 1980s Traction Control - Mercedes-Benz and BMW introduced first systems 1996 1998 1990s 1998: Gas inflated airbags become mandatory in all cars in USA Brake Assist - Mercedes invet the brake assist system because even with quick reactions people still don't apply enough pressure to the brake pedal First Blind spot waming system on the Volvo S80 sedan 2005 2002 2011: Nevada legalises driverless cars for testing from 1 March 2012 O:2000s DARPA Google won the DARPA Grand Challenge for their driverless car concept. First lane departure warning systems introduced in Europe for Mercedes Actros trucks 2010 2013: The Volvo V40 with 2010s pedestrian airbag has now göne on sale. Volvo develop a pedestrian detection system that automatically brakes a can to a haltwhenever some- one steps out in front of it. THE ROAD AHEAD VEHICLE TO VEHICLE COMMUNICATION SELF DRIVING CARS Google continues to lobby for driverless car laws and develop their self driving technology along with automakers such as Audi and Lexus. Could warn the driver of an oncoming car when they're likely to pass a vehicle or when the car in front is likely to brake suddenly. Sources: aboutcom Smiths LAWYERS

The Evolution of Car Safety Features

shared by Aran_Jackson on May 29
Over the last 120 years car manufacturing and design has undergone a monumental shift not to mention the improvements in car safety. Smith’s Lawyers has taken the time to reflect on the most influen...


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