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Embedded In Our Society: A History Of Embedded Operating Systems

EMBEDDED IN OUR SOCIETY A HISTORY OF EMBEDDED OPERATING SYSTEMS The embedded system's "..evolution is strongly linked to its applications and the development of electronics, which is why its perimeter and scope have steadily expanded..." - Joseph Sifakis, VERIMAG Laboratory FIRST MODERN EMBEDDED SYSTEM Developed by C. S. Draper at the MIT Instrumentation Laboratory, monolithic integrated circuits were utilized to reduce the size 1960 and weight of The Apollo Guidance Computer. 1961 FIRST MASS-PRODUCED EMBEDDED SYSTEM The Autonetics D-17 guidance computer for the Minuteman missile was made from transistor logic and had a hard disk for main memory. 1965 FIRST COMPUTER "EMBEDDED" IN COMMERCIAL INSTRUMENTATION DEC's 12 bit PDP-8 minicomputer BY 1973, THE PDP-8 WAS THE WORLD'S BEST SELLING COMPUTER! How would it compare with today? IT WEIGHED: 100 LBS OR THE SAME AS 22 15" MACBOOK PRO LAPTOPS $120,000 IT COST,... (IN 2014 DOLLARS) $18,000 OR 40 (IN 1965 DOLLARS) 15" MACBOOK PRO LAPTOPS O-1966 FIRST HIGH-VOLUME USE OF INTEGRATED CIRCUITS For the Minuteman II, the D-17 was replaced. Prices on quad nand gate ICs were reduced from $1000/each to $3/each, making commercial products feasible. INTEL WAS FORMED 1968 B. Noyce and G. Moore formed Integrated intel Electronics. 1969 FIRST EMBEDDED SYSTEM IN A CAR The Volkswagen 1600's fuel injection was controlled by a microprocessor. FIRST 4-BIT MICROPROCESSOR 1971 The Intel 4004, was designed for electronic calculators. 1974 FIRST 8-BIT MICROPROCESSOR Intel designed the 8008 and 8080 while Motorola introduced the MC6800. 1974 FIRST PARALLEL ARCHITECTURE COMPUTER The CLIP-4 carried out multiple calculations simultaneously. 1975 MICROSOFT IS BORN Bill Gates and Paul Allen deliver the BASIC compiler to MITS. THE HOME 1975 COMPUTER IS BORN MITS releases the Altair 8800 for just $400 (or $1700 today). Early 1980s THE DESIGN OF MICROCONTROLLERS Microprocessors: Optimized for speed and memory size. Microcontrollers: Optimized for power and physical size. FIRST HOME COMPUTER WITH TOUCH SCREEN 1983 TECHNOLOGY Hewlett-Packard's HP-150 utilized a grid of infrared beams across the front of the monitor, detecting finger movements. 1987 VXWORKS EMBEDDED OPERATING SYSTEM Introduced by Wind River. In 1997 it becomes the operating system for the Mars Pathfinder space mission. WORLD WIDE WEB 1989 Invented by wwW T. Berners-Lee. 8-BIT IN THE 8OS Embedded systems such as the Dot Matrix Printer: Restricted to 8-bit due to power utilization and tight electrical and timing constraints systems. Mainstream Computers such as the Super Nintendo Entertainment System: Moved on to utilize the 80386 16-bit processing and Pentium 32-bit processing. EMBEDDED SYSTEMS & 1990s O THE WORLD WIDE WEB Designs and features of systems advanced via distributed computing technology using a network as the computing resource, such as Google. EMBEDDED SYSTEMS 1992 GO WIRELESS In 1992, there were more than 10 million mobile phones in use. HANDHELD TOUCH 1993 SCREEN TECHNOLOGY Apple released Newton PDA with handwriting recognition. 1996 WINDOWS EMBEDDED CE 1.0 WAS DESIGNED Microsoft entered the embedded marketplace. THE BIRTH OF RT 1998 FSMLabs patented techniques used in RTLinux. FIRST EMBEDDED 1999 LINUX PRODUCTS Embedded Linux software companies emerge. LINUX/RT 1.0 2000 O 2005 Timesys launched a real-time version of Linux. ANDROID TECHNOLOGY STEPS FORWARD Gegle Google acquired Android Inc. ALL-IN-ONE EMBEDDED 2007 MOBILE DEVICE Apple's first iPhone was launched. THE ANDROID ALLIANCE 2008 T-Mobile G1, the first Android phone was launched and Android code was Google declared open sourced. THE ANDROID REVOLUTION IS LINUX POWERED 2008/ 2009 Designers look into Android use beyond phones. TODAY & BEYOND of electronic chips produced are for Over E embedded systems. Their use in everyday 95% products is a major evolution everywhere that technology is used. EMBEDDED SYSTEMS HIDDEN IN FAMILIAR OBJECTS: Automobiles, trains, airplanes, tractors and cranes, robots, etc. Washers and dryers, refrigerators, ovens, watches, smartcards, etc. High-end medical imaging devices, medical tablets, bedside servers, etc. Some high-end cars utilize over 100 CPUS - the electronics cost more than the steel. EMBEDDED ANDROID: THE #1 CHOICE FOR ENGINEERS IN 2014 Top Codes of Choice Use in 2013 Projected Use in 2014 ANDROID 16% 28% HOUSE/CUSTOM 24% 19% AUTONOMOUS NETWORKS OF EMBEDDED SYSTEMS ARE THE FUTURE: Computerized objects will be able to interact without Cars will communicate with each other, the road, and the city, to organize traffic. Sensors will detect river floods or forest fires. More objects than humans will be connected to the Internet human intervention. BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE EXPERTS AT HUGHES SYSTIQUE FOR INFORMATION On OUR EMBEDDED ANDROID SERVICES, VISIT SOURCES: http:/ asp?section_id=1248doc_ id=1317775 http://www.pdp8.netipdpeem/pdpbem.shtmi posts.asp?TID-42603 http://www.async.ece.utah.edul-myersinobackuplece5780lectureslec2-23.pdf htps:/ htpllercim-news. ercim.eulen75keynote/beware-of-the-computer-the-invasion-of-embedded-systems http:/ 12030725 historyembedded-svstoms bted 4007514Milestones-in-embedded-systems-design http:/ hmp/ http://www.pomag.comvencyclopediaterm42554lembedded-system http://sunrise'en-uslevaluatehistory-of-windows-embedded-co-6aspx http:/levents pdf http:/ http:/ 0404 electronics

Embedded In Our Society: A History Of Embedded Operating Systems

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While Android and Linux are relatively new to the scene, the concept of an embedded operating system is not as recent of a development as you may think. In fact, the history of embedded systems dates ...


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