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Do Health Crises Create Room For Innovation?

Epidemics Spur Innovative How Thinking Despite the tragic effects of epidemics throughout history, difficult times often lead to ground-breaking innovations THE EFFECTS OF PAST EPIDEMICS The Black Death, mid-1300s Estimated to have killed 30-60% Changed the economic and social structure of Europe of Europe's population Led to the creation of a middle class Sparked interest in literacy, art, and experimentation 1592 London faced an outbreak of the plague With theaters closed for 6 months, Shakespeare turned to poetry for income, penning Venus and Adonis, and The Rape of Lucrece 1606 Another outbreak closed London's theaters That same year, Shakespeare likely wrote King Lear, Macbeth, and Antony & Cleopatra 1665-1666 Last major plague outbreak hit England Newton fled to the countryside to escape the disease, where he developed many of his theories on calculus, optics, laws of motion, and gravity The Boston Smallpox Epidemic, 1721 Infected 11,000 Killed 850 Lead to the spread of VARIOLATION REDUCED MORTALITY FROM 14% TO 2% AN IMPORTANT FIRST STEP TOWARDS VACCINES taking the pus from a lesion of an infected patient and using it to inoculate a healthy individual- Inoculation debate sparked a new era in journalism James Franklin shared his anti-inoculation viewpoint in a newspaper Soon, publishers were printing stories about politics, local events, humor, and satire LED TO THE CREATION OF THE FIRST INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPER IN THE U.S. erica Spanish Flu, 1918 A deadly strain of influenza that infected 1 in 3 people worldwide 50-100 MILLION PEOPLE DIED IN THE PANDEMIC Many people didn't have access to a doctor, for those who did, influenza was not a reportable disease By the time authorities recognized the pandemic, it was too late for measures like quarantine to be effective Sparked a new approach to public health that focused on the underlying causes of illness, like diet and living conditions By 1925 By 1935 By 1945 All U.S. states were The U.S. deployed its The first effective participating in a new first national health flu vaccine was national disease reporting system survey discovered ALL OF THESE BREAKTHROUGHS TRACE BACK TO THE 1918 PANDEMIC In 1919, despite becoming ill with the deadly the Spanish flu, Edvard Munch continued painting - creating a Self-Portrait with the Spanish flu The global health crisis caused by COVID-19 is fertile ground for innovators across many industries to identify challenges and create clever solutions How Innovators Are Responding During COVID-19 VENTILATORS When a hospital in Italy ran out of ventilator valves, Isinnova, a local 3D printing business, came to the rescue Original valve: $10,000 Cost per 3D printed valve: $1 Designed an adapter to turn snorkeling masks into C-PAP mask for non-invasive oxygen therapy As coronavirus spreads, the U.S. also faces a shortage of ventilators 45,000 ventilators As of March 25th, 2020, it's estimated UP TO 2.9 MILLION AMERICANS MIGHT NEED ICU CARE Dr. Steve Richardson, an anesthesiologist at the University of Minnesota, designed a simpler, less expensive ventilator. With expedited clearance from the FDA, the new design could be manufactured by the thousands, in just 3 weeks. PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT Distilleries have begun producing hand sanitizer to help meet the growing demand Though some started using alcohol waste, many are now using grain neutral spirit and retrofitting their equipment to keep up the supply In January, 3M began increasing production of N95 masks – eventually doubling its output, but there's still a shortage Two companies are working to create washable, reusable masks that will offer better protection than simple surgical masks Sonovia – Infuses fabrics with anti-pathogen nanoparticles Uses copper oxide particles and nanofibers Argaman BOTH COMPANIES ARE FAST-TRACKING THEIR DEVELOPMENT PROCESS TRACKING THE SPREAD Johns Hopkins University reports Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases NORTH AMERICA on their online interactive map North North Atlantic Pacific Ocean Ocean AFRICA SOUTH AMERICA Indian AUSTRALIA Освan South Pacific Ocean South Atlantic Ocean as of 3/26/2020 10:21 kinsa SMART THERMOMETER Sam Svers 3mos Anonymously collects temperature readings from devices See what doctors recommend for K Sar's fever • 1021 Moderate Compared current fevers to past years' flu season to map unusual fevers (likely due to coronavirus) across the U.S. Couh Fatig 986 Allows health officials to see likely spread among people who don't need or seek medical care kinso facebook. Google are working to combat the spread of misinformation concerning the disease Facebook tags posts and lowers their ranking in newsfeeds Google built an information and resources website for credible information Twitter directs searches to the CDC The challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic will likely lead to innovations that will help the world more effectively deal with future health crises Sources: Presented by: 8-influenza/legacy/medicine Soddddurcolonavirusemovie-theaters: sovnenimeries-making-hand-sanitizer/ तातािति DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING a com/2020/3/17/21184308/coronavirus-italy-medical-3d-print-valves-treatments pandemic-revolutionized- -public- -coronavirus-will-stimulate-innovation/#12a9a8432283 -health-180965025/

Do Health Crises Create Room For Innovation?

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The Black Death led to the creation of a middle class and sparked interest in literacy, art, and experimentation. The Spanish Flu brought upon monumental advancements toward vaccines. Despite its nega...


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