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The Deadliest Wars and Crimes against Humanity in History

THE DEADLIEST AGAINST HUMANITY IN HISTORY WARS AND CRIMES 18th/19th century 16th/17th century 15th century and earlier 21st century 20th century NORTHWESTERN F CE, I THE FIVE DEADLIEST WARS AND CONQUESTS CAMPAIGN IN T 19. Genne i Goch 78 MMoerdujk Units of Seventh Army surrendered 17 Moy. Situation 16 M GHTEENTH Since 10 Mo ECHLER AN D **** WALCHEREN IS ZEELAND Terneuze ntrp SEVENTH 14 May 1st 4th BELG 31,622,777 84,269,920 BEF TAIPING REBELLION 1850-64 WORLD WAR II China Massive civil war between the Qing dynasty and the Taipings. The Taipings were led by Hong Xiuquan, self-proclaimed brother of Jesus. -XXXX OMonschau FIRST 1939-45 Mons BLA Worldwide Charleroi Vast majority of the world's countries were involved. Genocides, starvation, massacres, bombings, and disease contributed to the death Most of the deaths were attributed to plague and famine. OURTH KLUGE St Vi Prüm XXXX toll. Around 3% of the world's Cambrai population was killed. oche NINTH Huberi Civilians made up the majority of deaths. Exposure to nuclear weapons and the destruction of infrastructure led to many more deaths following the war. 3rd REINHARD Peronne Oise Lip 34,641,016 MONGOL CONQUESTS St. Quentin eura ernach Hom TH SCH CUxembourg La Fere 1206-1405 2n The creation of the Mongol Empire through invasions and conquest. They conquered most of Eurasia, destroying many tribes. ngwy Mongol expeditions may have spread the bubonic plague across Europe and Asia, sparking the Black Death of the 14th century. 56,000,000 THIRD 3 divisions to Billotte 15 May. EUROPEAN COLONIZATION OF THE AMERICAS Yerdun Melz XXXXX om sion n rou 2 1492-1691 5th PRETELAT Cho Systematic European colonization of the Americas leading to the deaths of millions of indigenous people Pont a Mouss Diseases that the native people had no immunity to contributed to the vast majority of deaths. Some scientist believe the massive death toll contributed to global cooling and the "Little Ice Age.“ 25,000,000 QING CONQUEST OF THE MING DYNASTY 1618-83 China Decades-long war between the emerging Qing dynasty and the incumbent Ming dynasty The unrest caused famine and disease to decimate nearly half of the population in cites across China. THE FIVE DEADLIEST TERRORIST ATTACKS 2nd 2,977 SEPTEMBER 11 ATTACKS 1,566 CAMP SPEICHER MASSACRE Sept. 11, 2001 United States June 12, 2014 Iraq The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant killed non-Sunni militiamen and Iraqi Army cadets with assault rifles. Four coordinated terrorist attacks committed by al-Qaida using hijacked planes. This was terrorist attack in history. single deadlies Ideology: Islamic Extremism Toxic dust caused illness in more than 18,000 реоple. Ideology: Islamic Extremism 796 774 MASSACRE OF SRI LANKAN POLICE OFFICERS 620 YAZIDI COMMUNITIES BOMBINGS CHRISTMAS MASSACRE Aug. 14, 2007 Iraq Dec. 24-27, 2008 Democratic Republic of Congo Four coordinated suicide car bomb attacks, possibly connected to tension rising between Yazidis and Sunni Muslims June 11, 1990 Sri Lanka The Lord's Resistance Army (a Ugandan rebel group) brutally attacked several villages during Christmas festivities. The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam rounded up and shot unarmed police officers amid tensions over the Indian presence in Sri Lanka. Ideology: Islamic Extremism Ideology: Christian Extremism, Acholi Nationalism Ideology: Tamil Nationalism/Separatism THE FIVE DEADLIEST GENOCIDES * Casualty numbers for German-occupied Europe genocides are estimates and may have some overlap 1st 2nd 13,700,000 GENERALPLAN OST* As much as 13.7% of the Soviet Union's population perished during World War II . 6,000,000 THE HOLOCAUST 1941-45 1941-45 German-occupied Еurope German-occupied Europe Nazi master plan for genocide and ethnic cleasing on a massive scale. The attempted execution of this plan during World War II resulted in the deaths of millions of ethnic Slavs through starvation, shootings, disease, and forced labor. II I II II Systematic murder of European Jews (and other groups) by Nazi Germany through concentration camps, gas chambers, and other II means II III 5th 2,000,000 CAMBODIAN GENOCIDE 3,900,000 3,000,000 HOLODOMOR NAZI GENOCIDE OF POLES 1932-33 1939-45 1939-45 1975-79 Soviet Union German-occupied Europe Democratic Kampuchea Systematic extermination of ethnic Poles and Jewish Poles. Nazi racial theory regarded Poles and Slavic peoples as racially inferior. Seventeen percent of Poland's population was wiped out during World War II. Systematic killing of Cambodians by the Khmer Rouge under the leadership of communist extremist Pol Pot Soviet-created famine in Ukraine. Collectivization and other policies were used to force Ukrainians to starve. In addition to the direct femine deaths, there were around 6.1 million birth deficits. Sixty percent of victims died from direct execution. The rest perished from starvation, disease, and exhaustion. THE FIVE DEADLIEST POLITICAL LEADERS AND REGIMES 1st 2nd Zedong's policies, such as the Great Leap Forward, slave labor, and class extermination through land reform, led to a massive death toll from famine and violence. 31,000,000 GENGHIS KHAN 1206-1405 45,000,000 Eurasia Emperor of the Mongol Empire. Mongol invasions resulted in numerous massacres of civilian populations. MAO ZEDONG 1946-76 People's Republic of China 20,000,000 ADOLF HITLER Hitler orchestrated the mass murder of Jews, Gypsies, Serbs, Slavs, the disabled, Freemasons, POWS, Jehovah's witnesses, homosexuals, and more. 1934-45 German-occupled Europe 5th 9,000,000 JOSEPH STALIN 10,500,000 CHIANG KAI-SHEK 1922-53 Soviet Union Famine, purges, population transfers, labor camps, and deportations resulted in a colossal death toll under 1928-46 Republic of China Stalin's regime. Nationalist leader of China for 46 years. He is believed to have been responsible for the man-made 1938 Yellow River flood, grain confiscation for profit, spread of disease, and massacres. OTA THE FIVE DEADLIEST INCIDENTS OF SLAVE TRADE AND FORCED LABOR Laa Agula Jolari 1st Ond P'onthler Bronle 22,981,514 Vietoria r Yyanza Alare --- --- --- ARAB SLAVE TRADE Korre WADANI/ Port Buralord I il 700s to 1899 Middle East, North Africa, Horn of Africa 20,124,610 LAOGAI SYSTEM East Africans were sold as slaves 3rd by Muslim Arabs to the Middle East via the Sahara Desert. akolos Nera inalt 1945-76 ally Nyan Mounte Maraba China Translates to "reform through labor." The Chinese criminal justice system used penal labor and prison farms as punishment, once having more than half of the world's slaves. Minatre Stanter 10,954,451 ATLANTIC SLAVE TRADE diamlle Katnga The transportation of enslaved African people, mainly to the Americas. Many died in "seasoning camps," where victims were subjected to physical and psychological hardship to "erase" memories prior to slavery. 1500s-1700s Africa, Americas, the Atlantic la the Hantu languag UTANKI Amae Panzbar 1,(Uegala) M, Mu, nu ludividual Aanzlbar 10,868,533 SLAVERY IN THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE 6,244,998 For further Karmi, U KON ON GO Mokarla, ATROCITIES IN THE lin K CONGO FREE STATE Slaves were 1450-1800 1885-1908 a significant part of Ottoman Empire society. Raids to capture slaves resulted in many deaths. Leopold Il of Belgium inflicted mass murder, Congo Free State mutilation, and forced labor Kulile on the Congolese in order to collect natural rubber for export. s Lipi Mts. VLANGA Mayota The atrocities, combined with disease Dande and famine, caused the Congolese population to drop severely. KOZA NASHONDE ATA THE FIVE DEADLIEST AERIAL BOMBINGS 2nd 100,000 BOMBING OF TOKYO (Operation Meetinghouse) 90,000 АТОMIС ВОMBING OF HIROSHIMA 50,000 OPERATION FREEDOM DEAL Aug. 6, 1945 Japan March 10, 1945 Tokyo Мау 19, 1970 to Aug. 1, 1973 Cambodia The U.S. Army Air Forces conducted a firebombing raid on Tokyo, causing massive death and destruction. The U.S. Seventh Air Force dropped 250,000 tons of bombs on Cambodia in an attempt to defeat the Khmer Rouge. The United States detonated a nuclear bomb over the city of Hiroshima. Police records show that 267,171 buildings were destroyed, about 25% of Tokyo. This left more than a million survivors homeless. Large numbers of people died during the months following due to bombs, radiation sickness, malnutrition, and injuries. Most were civilians. th 5th 50,000 OPERATION GOMORRAH 40,000 ATOMIC BOMBING OF NAGASAKI 00 00 July 24 to Julу 31, 1943 Germany Aug. 9, 1945 Japan Campaign of air raids on Hamburg by the Royal Air Force and USAAF. Dry conditions influenced the intensity of destruction. PW Parker | Waichman LLP The United States detonated a nuclear bomb over the city of Nagasaki. A NATIONAL LAW FIRM Many workers, students, and civilians perished. Only 150 Japanese soldiers were killed. Ten square miles of the city were destroyed, forcing 900,000 residents to flee. Sources:

The Deadliest Wars and Crimes against Humanity in History

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War, terrorism, and crimes against humanity are stains that mar our collective history. This infographic from the Parker Waichman team delves into the deadliest wars and conquests, the deadliest terro...


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