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The Darkside of 13 of History's Favourite People

THE UNKNOWN History's DARK ŠIDE: to 13 of Favourite People MOTHER TERESA 1910-1997 She set out to combat poverty and health issues in Africa, including HIV and AIDS yet her condemnation of contraception was likely detrimental to minimizing the epidemic. She held enough wealth to build the biggest research hospital in the world, but instead Roman Catholic religious Sister and missionary who kept her hospitals and patients in poverty, claiming it was God's wil. lived for most of her life in Indio Mandela's activism and political work led to him becoming South Africa's NELSON MANDELA 1918-2013 first elected black President, He was the head of UmKhonto we Sizwe, the terrorist wing of the South African Communist Party and at his trial, he was found guilty of 156 acts of public violence, including authorizing the bombing of public places. A South-Africa politician, philanthropist and revolutionary. King received a PhD from Boston University in systematic theology. A later enquiry found that parts of his poper were MARTIN LUTHER KING 1929-1968 plagiarized King was accused of adultery and affairs. Much of this was media sensationalism, but his biographer, Ralph Abernathy, suggests it American pastor, activist, humanitarian, and leader in the was likely true. African-American Civil Rights Movement. ALBERT EINSTEIN 1879-1955 His first wife Mileva Maric was a brilliant physicist, from whom (it is alleged) Einstein likely appropriated some of his ideas. A year before they married, Maric gave birth to a daughter, Lieserl, while Einstein was away. Lieserl was adopted, and Einstein German-born theoretical never saw his first born. physicist and philosopher of science, who developed the general theory of relativity: one of the two pillars of modern physics. Newton was responsible for calculus, his laws of motion, ISAAC NEWTON 1642-1726 and contributed much to the foundation of modern physics, but he was also an Alchemist. He was convinced he could create the Philosopher's Stone: a mythical item believed to be able to transmute metals into gold and grant extended life. Newton English physicist and dedicated his later life to this end mathematician. Aristotle is widely regarded as one of the ARISTOTLE 384BCE - 322 BCE most influential thinkers in Western thought, but he didn't think too much of women. It seems he was staunchly misogynistic writing: "a woman is per- haps an inferior being" adding "as it were, a deformity." Greek philosopher Loyal to his nation, but FRANKLIN ROOSEVELT 1882-1945 unfaithful to his wife, Eleanor: an ironic fact given middle class America's premium on chastity. His mistress was at his bedside when he died. Eleanor, in knowledge of the American statesman and resumed affair, was political leader, serving as 32nd not there during his final moments. President of the United States. CARAVAGGIO 1571-1610 Securing patronage during his lifetime and the admiration for his work endures today. But he had a hot temper, which subsequently led to him murdering a pimp over a Prolific Italian prostitute. He then tried to renaissance castrate the fellow fine artist. Columbus conducted four CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS 1451-1506 major voyages across the Atlantic Ocean and initiated the Spanish colonization of the New World. With his aggressive imperialism, came forced slavery and prostitution. He used the Taino (Native America tribe) as sex slaves for his men, Italian explorer, and presented local women and girls as young as nine for his men to rape. navigator, and colonizer Franklin was a fantastic BENJAMIN FRANKLIN 1706-1790 statesman, a polymath, a leading "author, printer, political theorist, politician, postmaster, scientist, inventor, civic activist, statesman, and diplomat." Franklin also didn't mind a brothel, frequenting 'gentleman's clubs' rather regularly - some historians One of the Founding Fathers of America estimating twice a month. WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART 1756-1791 Mozart was a prolific and influential composer. A man of the arts, he was never far from his quirks and perversion. In short, he enjoyed coprophilia: (feces with sex). He joked often about toilet humour, and wrote a few songs about his profane eccentric sexual tastes. Composer WINSTON CHURCHILL 1874-1965 Churchill approved use of poison gas against the Kurds and defended the use of chemical weapons against 'uncivilized tribes' (his words)He has, perhaps incorrectly, sometime been regarded as anti-Semitic. This is a problematic claim for numerous reasons, but in 1920, he did write British politician and twice of the 'schemes of the Prime Minister of the International Jews'. United Kingdom Christopher Hitchens held Kissinger accountable for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and for offenses against common or customary or international HENRY KISSINGER 1923- law, including conspiracy to commit murder, kidnap, American diplomat and political scientist, recipient and torture. of Nobel Peace Prize. wWW.MYFAMILYSILVER.COM Surces: http://comtentimecom/timemogozinekorticle/0,9171,1933199,00hml http:/lovoreirecom/neaswireread-mortin-luther-king-jr-3-1965-imerview-with-olex-holey http://www.biorg/2O2/09labert-ensteins, http://wwwutingtorpostcom/2013/1OOWisooc-neton-focs-phrysicist_n4058036htmi http://wwdeormcorg'pleditionsnchist-woricean5344, Kissinger photo: Herry Kissinger, photographedin Nee York, March 11[Grant Comett Corovoggionimoge: Chok porrait of Corovoggio by Oftovio Leoni, circo t621 http://porodeconckonastcom/35748/paroda/ehat-wos-benjamin-tronkins-daily-routner, https://germanicswoshing- tonedulevents/2014-03-13/ife-and-operatic-vorks-volgong-omodeus-mazort, tp//eweeconomistoom/nees/obituory21591539-neson-mondeio-mon-aho-freed- scuth-atrico-aporthad-died-december-5th-oged

The Darkside of 13 of History's Favourite People

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History loves an icon, whether they're political, religious or just particularly cool. Unfortunately, people only seem to remember the good bits. This infographic breaks apart the cult of personality ...


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