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The Conclave

Italian Republic The CONCLAVE Government: Papal Coat of Arm Unit ary parliamentary constitutional republic Legislature: Parliament O O Extension: 301,338 km2 Unification: 17 March 1861 Papal Tiara with three crowns. They represent ing: 1 the Militant Church 2 the Suffering Church 3 the Triumphant Church The Keys. They represent the keys of the kingdom of God their leaves his Vicar Italy ROME St. Peter main balcony where it is State of Vatican 37VS ROMANVS proclaimed to the people, the new pope The Latin phrase, that begins with: Capital Official languages Italian City of Rome extension: 1.285 km? Vatican City The Red Cordon "HA BEMUS PAPAM..." Represent the union of the temporal power spirít ual power. "We have a Pope.." and the Government Absolut e elective theocracy Fresco of Universal Judgment by Michelangeo Buonarroti Legislatur e Pont ifical Commission Independe nce of Italy - 11 February 1929 Area Total 0.44 km2 (250t h) St.Peter facade Vault frescoed Population July 2012 estimate State of Vatican by Carlo Maderno by Michelangelo 836 Lazio Region extension: 0.44 km2 Density 1877/km 2 Est BLACK FUMATA WHITE FUMATA Coat of Arm of Pope Sixt us IV New Walls commissioner Sistina Chapel of the Chapel HABEMUS PAPAM St.A nna Gate Vatican's Museum St. Peter's Square Sacristy of Sistina: "Room of tears" Where the pope elected prays before putting on papal clothes 1. Vault frescoed by Michelangelo Residence of the Renouncer Pope Radio Vaticana latin: "CANTORIA" "Chorus" Posit ion of the chorus Sistine Chapel (Latin: Sacellum Sixtinum; It alian: Cappella Sistina) is the best-known chapel in the Apostolic Palace, the official residence of the Pope in the Vatican City. It is famous for its architecture and its decor ation that was frescoed throughout by Renaissance artists including Michelangelo, Sandro Pinturicchio New Walls Old walls Vatican Trainst ation Stories of Christ Three sizes of papal clothe s: Large, Medium, Small. Court of the Hearings (Nervi - Hall) Sacristy Governatorato Palace Fresco tapestry Major Altar CONCLAVE latin: "Cum Clave" "Under lock and key" St. Peter, Basilica Botticelli, Pietro Perugino, Evangeliary of the solemn oath St. Peter's Square Papal Throne: where the Pope receive sign of obe dience of all the Cardinals St. Marta Dorm itories All out! Sistina Chapel St. Charles's Palace 117 Cardinals Electors 1 Oceania 11 Africa 11 Asia 14 North America Electors Cardinal Borgia Tower Decane Cardinal Swiss Guards Transenna 9 Executors Chimney State Secretary Extra Omnes 3 Scrutinizers * St. Marta's Square 3 Revisor Belvedere Courtyard Incinerator, inst alled only in the Conclave Sist ina Entrance 19 Latin America 3 Infirmari • ballot divided into two parts Via delle Fondamenta Eligo in Summum Ponteficem Abcde fghi Vatican's Museum Via del Gover norato Walk of the Car dinals from the dor mitories to the Sistina Chapel and vice versa 61 Europe f the pope is ele cted, the ballots are burned alone. Then White Fumata. If the pope is not elected, the ballots are bur ned with a chemical addit ion. Then Black Fumata. ©Aurielaki All notes are burned %3D

The Conclave

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This is the detailed procedure for the election of the Pope, held in the Sistine Chapel, This procedure is called Conclave (Latin) "Under the Keys" (locked: Eng.) This infographic represents the place...





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