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Rome is among the most beautiful and thrilling cities nested in Southern Europe that experiences a footfall of no less than 7 million tourists each year . You will be thrilled to choose among the wide array of masterpieces , extraordinary architecture , and stories of ancient times . An eternal icon of Rome that generates attraction , is the Colosseum . It was once used to be the site of an artificial lake that was drained to make way for the Colosseum signifying the end of a tyrannical rule . The Colosseum Rome was structured to accommodate a total of 70000 guests of which 60000 could be seated while the rest 10000 could stand . The Colosseum architecture from the outside looks equivalent to a 12 - storied building as it has arches and columns depicted in various styles . Who Built The Colosseum ? The Colosseum's construction involved the collaborative efforts of multiple emperors , including Vespasian , Titus , Domitian , and the Flavian rulers . Vespasian initiated the grand structure to quell discontent following Nero's turbulent reign . Later , Titus inaugurated the amphitheater with a grand spectacle of 100 days of games . Domitian , Vespasian's other son , contributed modifications and introduced new elements , such as the impressive Hypogea . Together , these emperors crafted an enduring symbol of Roman prowess , entertaining and pleasing the citizens while showcasing the empire's architectural and cultural achievements . The Colosseum remains a testament to their legacy , drawing visitors from all over the world to witness its splendor . Interesting Facts about Colosseum Rome


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The Colosseum, an iconic marvel of ancient Rome, stands as a testament to grandeur and engineering prowess. Completed in AD 80, this colossal amphitheater once hosted spectacular gladiatorial contests...



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