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Colleges of American Presidents

OF THE UNITED ***** COLLEGES All The PRESIDENTS' COLLEGES Of our first seven presidents, five were graduates. Except for Cleveland and Truman, every president since 1869 held an advanced degree. LEGEND Degree Types& Party Aations Democratic Repulican Party Party Party Whig Federalits Party Medical Degree George Washington Head of the Continental Army, Surveyor's Certificate. Business Degree Degree College of William and Mary Harvard University Yale University George W. Bush asCovemor of Teas Harvard Business School (Yale Univensity) Gerald R. Ford Became 3 President after Director of CIA, and was Richand Nion's resignation Reagan's Vice President. Yale Law School (University of Michigan) Barack H. Obama William J. Clinton George H. W. Bush Senakor from linois Govemor of Arkansas, Harvard Law School (Columbia University, undergraduate) Rhodes Scholar, and thind youngest president. Yale Law School (Georgetown University, Oxford Univesity) Yale University Franklin Roosevelt State Senator of New York. Served 4 p ntial erms Harvard University John E. Kennedy The cnly Roman Catholic, and the first Irish American President. Assasirated in 1965. Harvard University George W. Bush Govemor of Texas. Yale University (Harvard Besiness School) (Univenity of Cincinnati William H. Taft Was the 10 Chief Justice. Yale University College of Law) Every presidential election, 1974 to 2004, featured Yale Alumni. Princeton University Theodore Roosevelt 33 Govemor of New York, founder of Progresive "Bull Moo Party Harvand University Rutherford B. Hayes Two time Govermor of Ohio Harvard Law School (Kenyon College) Woodrow Wilson Govemor of New Jersey Princeton University (John Hopkins Ph Di James Madison University of Virginia Rector Princeton University William & Mary John Quincy Adams Senator of Massachusetts, Federalist, Democratic Republican, and Whig John Adams A leading champion of independence in 1776. Harvard University Parties. Harvard University 18.6% of presidents attended Harvard. James Monroe Founding Father of the United Stabes. College of WIlliam Thomas Jefferson Founder of the University of Virginia College of WIlliam & Mary John Tyler Longtime Democratic Republican, he was elected as a Whig College of WIIliam Mary & Mary William J. Clinton Govemor of Arkansas Rhodes Scholar, and thind youngest poesident. Georgetown University, (Oxford University, Yale Law School) Barack H. Obama Senalor from Binois. Columbia University United States Military Academy Harvard Law Shool Dwight DEisenhower President of Columbia University. United States Military Academy at West Point James E. "Jimmy" Carter Ulysses S. Grant Commanding General of the Union Army, 18h President of U.S. United States Military Academy at West Point State Senator of Georgia United States Naval Academy Ronald Reagan Was on the foothall team, swim team, and was student body peesident. Eureka College Herbert Hoover Last Cabinet Secretary to be directly elected President. Stanford Univensity Did not graduate from college George Washington First President of the Abraham Lincoln 16th Pesident of the United States until his United States Richard M. Nison The only President to resign his ofice Whittier College (Duke University School of Law) Lyndon B. Johnson He ucceded to the presidency following the aination of John F. Kerndy. Texas State Univensity asassination in 1865. James Buchanan Was once opelled from college, he pleaded fora second chance and graduated with honces. Dickinson College Harry S.Truman Popularized phrase "The buck stops here." did not get a degree. William H. Harrison Attended colge but James K. Polk Polk led the nation to victory in the Spanish American War University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Franklin Pierce Ranked thind in his class when he gradutaed, after yoars of bad grades. Bowdoin College William H. Harrison Fist president to die in offioe. Shortest term in presidential history. University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine Grover Cleveland Only president to serve two non-consocutive terms, after the Civil War. Andrew Johnson National Union party Benjamin Harrison Senator from Indiana. y William B. McKinley 25 Prosident of the United States. Allegheny College (Albany Law School James A. Garfield Served only 200 days in office before his assassination Miami Univenity President Hiram College. Williams College Zachary Taylor Last president to own slaves while in office Millard Fillmore Last member of the Whig party. Chester A. Arthur As president, he became a champlon of civil service reform. Williams College Warren G. Harding Finst sitting Senator to be elected President. Ohio Central College Calvin Coolidge Covemor of Massachusetts Amherst College . Martin Van Buren President of the United States. Andrew Jackson Commander at the Battle of New Orleans. Source: hpen wipeda.orgw d_Presidents ohe Unted States by_education ENTS

Colleges of American Presidents

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Most U.S. presidents received a college education, even most of the earliest


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