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From Camera Obscura to Mobile Photography

FROM CAMERA OBSCURA TO MOBILE PHOTOGRAPHY AN INFOGRAPHIC TIMELINE OF PHOTOS AND CAMERAS THE CAMERA OBSCURA, ANCESTOR OF CAMERAS This device projects a reversed image on a screen and onto paper, which is traced to produce an accurate representation The camera obscura was already known by Aristotle in the 4th century BCE. 1826 First permanent photograph to be fixed on paper by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce, who placed a sheet of tin covered of asphalt in front of a window, exposed to light during eight hours. n°1 « Point de vue du Gras» EVOLUTION OF THE FIRST CAMERAS 1839 1903 1913 The daguerréotype The «Cent-Vues» The Leica 1948 The Polaroid camera, invented by Edwin Land, was sold to the public. First step in instant photography : photographers could remove a developing print after the picture had been snapped POLAROIO THE DIGITAL ERA The first electronic camera was built in 1975 by an engineer at Eastman Kodak. SONY In the late 1990s, digital cameras became common. PHOTOGRAPHY BECOMES MOBILE The first camera phone was sold in 2000. By 2003, more camera phones were sold than stand-alone digital cameras. In 2010, the worldwide number of camera phones totaled more than a billion. SHARING PICTURES Sending pictures around the world is always faster and easier. Social medias based on shared content gather billions and billions of photographs. 1= 1 billion pictures posted flickr FROM SMARTPHONES TO PAPER It's now easy to print pictures from your smartphone, Facebook or Instagram in a few clicks. Order prints from your smartphone and have them delivered worldwide on high-quality paper with the Printic app Pantic. This infographic is brought to you by the Printic app Sources : Pantie. "Cent Vaes"

From Camera Obscura to Mobile Photography

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Modern photography offers endless possibilities when it comes to capturing a smile, catching a moment on paper or keeping a trace of this incredible landscape in front of us. Ever wondered where camer...




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