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BUILDING THE FREEDOM TOWER ONE WORLD TRADE CENTER PLANNING THE NEW WORLD TRADE CENTER DESIGNING TO IMPRESS 1,776 ft M One World Trade Center stands at exactly 1,776 ft DEC. 2003 01 The Port Authority of TALLEST BUILDING IN THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE New York and New Jersey reveal their concept of a 1,776 ft tower at the site of the 9/11 attacks JUN. 2005 02 Release of the final One World Trade Center design APR. 2006 03 Construction begins ONE WILLIS EMPIRE STATE WTC TOWER BULDING 3RD TALLEST IN THE WORLD MAY 2008 04 One World Trade Center reaches ground level MAY 2013 05 All floors are OVER 3 MILLION sq ft constructed NOV. 2014 06 Open to tenants STORIES OTALL Designed with steel frames and concrete-core shear walls MAY 2015 07 One World Observatory, Allows building to be relatively rigid while keeping maximum flexibility located on floors 100-102, opens to the public Uses innovative safety systems that exceed the NYC building code USING THE RIGHT TOOLS FOR THE JOB CLIMBING TO 1,776 ft Tower cranes did most of the crucial To build this massive structure, powerful, heavy-lifting cranes had to be used construction while smaller cranes transported materials to and from the main tower cranes Roughly 200 cranes of varying sizes were necessary for construction LIFTING CAPACITY These massive lifting machines were assembled on site and utilized across production 19 TONS 1,200 TONS 5-50 TONS EXTERNAL CLIMBING The crane expands along the outside of the structure TOWER CRAWLER FORKLIFTS CRANES CRANES The base of the crane is held securely in a concrete slab on the ground MOBILE AND VEHICLE MOUNTED CRANES: Their wide range of sizes and easy transportation were useful throughout the building process Supports the slab that is 30 x 30 ft and over 400,000 Ibs INTERNAL CLIMBING Builds a few floors, then perches at the top in order to continue construction GROW AS THE PROJECT REQUIRES Built on the inside of the structure, it works from the inside out to construct the building around After 180 ft, the crane is bolted to the side of the itself 100 ft at a time building AFTER 100 After 100 ft, the crane's hydraulic cylinder lifts, so it can reach the next phase of construction New beam segments are inserted to make the crane taller Sturdy support beams are placed underneath to give it a new"floor" The top climber, or metal sheath that works up and down the outside of the tower crane, is what lifts up the topmost segment to make room for a new one until the The tower crane builds a derrick crane on the roof of the structure two segments can be joined together securely The derrick crane dismantles This process repeats as more stories are added to the building the tower crane and lowers its parts to the ground with cables SOURCES: CRAN er_crane_building_one_world_trade_center_how_do_cranes_get_on_top_of_skyscrapers_.html SERVICE INC. CRANESERVICEINC.COM COPYRIGHT© 2015


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By using the sheer mass and force of some of the largest and most effective cranes, The One World Trade Center is as strong as ever, and has grown to one of the tallest towers in the world. By taking...


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