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A Brief History of Selling

A BRIEF HISTORY OF SELLING In the beginning, people bartered Metal objects were introduced as money around 5000 B.C. Flash forward a few years. 1700's-1800's SNAXE The Industrial Revolution changed the way we do business OIL Sales people often made exaggerated claims 1916 Sales people were encouraged to earn the customer's trust 1st World SalesSmanship Congress ( Detroit, MI) How to Win Friends & Influence People This book became a "must read" and continues to have a lasting impact in sales 1936 DALE CARNEGIE 1950's-1960's Sales people held power over the customer Very Little Change in Selling The fast-talking salesman came knocking Look at all of the Features & Benefits 1970's plituation, Need Problem: The customer became more involved in the sales process SPIN Selling Implication ceire Jefensire Castarers XEROX. ---I-------- I----- ----- I--II--------O 1980's Solution Align a solution Selling with an customer need Demonstrate why it is better than the OODD DOODO ODOO competitor's Remember this guy? A always Rise of 1990's B be arnershins C closing December 1999 PONER BASE SELLING TARGET ACCOUNT SELLING 31 STRATEGIC THE COMPLEX SALE SELLING ---- ----- ----- ---- --- ---- ---- 2000's Power shifted from the sales person to the customer Dot- COM CONTRO Ctner Rise of cloud-based aes Eeouve Oasoang and Saas CRM solutions Buyer Empowerment CUSTOMER THEMERMEN 2010's in Rise of intelligent sales automation that works with. ANY SALES PROCESS WHAT'S NEXT FOR SALES? #Revegy Visualize. Execute. Win. Sources: Mary Bellis. "The History of Money." 1997. 13 Mar. 2014 . Peter Finkelstein. "The History of Sales Mehodologies - Why Some Work and Others Don't." 2007. Barrett Sales Blog. 3 Apr. 2014 https//www.barrettcomau/blogs/SalosBlog/2013/2776/some-sales-research/the-history-of-sales-methodologies/

A Brief History of Selling

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Sales may be the world’s second oldest occupation, but a lot has changed since its early days. Sales has evolved from the simple act of bartering to the emergence of sales methodologies and intellig...


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