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Born on the Back of a Napkin

BORN ON THE BACK OF A NAPKIN IDEAS, CONTRACTS & DESIGNS... Ever had a great idea late at night? Or while out with friends? Some of the world's greatest ideas and most famous contracts have been hastily jotted on the back of a napkin. GRAORAN S GLUAno Loe MACETC Feo -> FReerer FOU pesi MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING (MRI) The American chemist, and Nobel Prize Winner, Paul Lauterbur first brainstormed the idea of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) on a napkin in a diner. Whilst eating a hamburger, Lauterbur sket NASCAR OWIS SYJTEM - sketched out t allowed scientists to DAL PORS GARNEO HEACH PRACE 10|8|6I5 141312|| So 22 18 1G O23 So 24 o 5s640 10 486 15 6o3 0 246 15o0 22 20 24 12 o (2 to 40065 33,6 the that ihe plans map spatial information about atoms in a magnetic field. This idea has contributed significantly to our knowledge of the human body (especially the brain) and has helped save thousands of lives. NASCAR POINTS SYS 20 660 a 36 O a6 lo 412 2 EM Founded in 1948, the original points system for NASCAR racing was scribbled on a bar napkin. A maximum of 48 points are available to the winner of each 43-car race. The points across all races determine who Champion at the end of the year. lo 12 15 4e o Be rt tnar, this Agreament is entered into n the Gth odey at slaey, 1985, bolren Stanven Allen Sprabeng. ("Prospeckra thebmni) anodl Ang Dawis bring (^Praarine high) Caletinby the aPantron)a . the slade of Calitorm SPIELBERG DIVORCE SETTLEMENT In 1989, actress Amy Irving received a divorce settlement of $100 million from director Steven Spielberg. In a controversial court decision, a judge discounted a prenuptial agreement scribbled on a napkin, leading to one of the most costly divorces in history. LAFFER CURVE American economist Arthur TA RATE 8) Laffer first penned the Laffer curve on a napkin in 1974. The curve represents the theoretical relationship between tax rate and government revenue. The point at which the maximum revenue is generated for the government depends on the shape of the Laffer curve. CHILI COMPANY CHILE DISTRIBTION BUSIESS mODr PRAMEORA Pameas The chili fanatic founders of Southwest Chile Revero Supply sketched out their business model on the back ofa napkin. The New Mexican chili Success CAPSLne Coms- FAILUE distributors send 1 lb bags of freezer-friendly packaged chilies all over America. MESSI'S FC BARCELONA CONTRACT 109/1989 Dipial's Condenct FC Baredaa The world's best soccer player in 2011, Lionel Messi, had his original contract for FC Barcelona handed Belunen to him on napkin. With no other LIONEL ANDRES MESSI to hand, and impressed by his ovlous talent, the sporting director, Carles Rexach used a napkin to secure 11-year-old Messi into the club's youth AND CARLES REXACH CERDA academy. ZIMMER CAR great Go 2 Dorl Foned Huodang era e evening at dinner with his son Bob, Paul Zimmer sketched the One design for the Golden Spirit Zimmer car on a napkin. Combining an exterior from the Great Gatsby era witha modern Ford/Mustang engine, the Golden spirit is regarded as a neo-classic. Beplioke lap agle WHATABURGER HAMBURGER RESTAURANTS Now with over 700 locations across the US, Whataburger's distinctive orange and white A-frame buildings were originally drawn out on the back of a napkin. Described as a 'Texas treasure', their fast-food restaurants can be found throughout the Southern states. CRYONICALLY FREEZING TED WILLIAMS to be pat into bicdlani- lWe ofler we die. Thio in chal we wand, to be able to be togelker in the fatre, even f il io nly chance Scribbled on a napkin, a family pact supposedly signed by legendary Boston Red Sox player Ted Williams outlined his wishes to be cryonically frozen after his death. Laboratory analysis proved his signature to be authentic and the pact was honoured; Ted Williams' body was placed in cryonic suspension in a facility in Arizona. ZIGGY STARDUST (A.K.A. DAVID BOWIE) Islablers Ziggy Stardust, David Bowie's alter ego, was supposedly born on the back of a cocktail napkin. During a tour, Bowie supposedly sketched out ideas for a character who looked like he landed from Mars. white stripan GETTYSBURG ADDRESS On November 19th 1863, President Lincoln delivered one of the most famous speeches in US history: the Gettysburg Address. Although rumoured to have been drafted on the back of a napkin on a train journey from Washington to Gettysberg, earlier drafts of the speech exist indicating the aforementioned napkin to in fact be a myth. ...When the time has come, and the idea is right, use a napkin My SOURCES MRI: NASCAR: Spielberg: Laffer Curve: Messi: Zimmer car: Whataburger: Ted Williams: Ziggy Stardust: Chilli: Gettysburg Address: *despite their awesomeness, these are not, in fact, the actual napkins being discussed, but rather very convincing replicas 20naia,

Born on the Back of a Napkin

shared by katieh on Aug 29
Some very special people have used napkins to change the world. Here are our very favorite things, which may never have come to fruition without a napkin close at hand!


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