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The Biography of Abraham Lincoln

THE BIOGRAPHY OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN How Abraham Lincoln became the 16th President of the USA by Maddy born in Kentucky, USA (12th February 1809) family moves to Indiana (1816) mother dies falls in love with no schools in the learning & reads storybooks, (1818) vicinity, so his mother's cousin teaches him to newspapers, spelling books, songbooks, etc. read & write becomes clinically depressed starts working in a general store (1831) sister dies (1828) .... Volunteers to fight in loses job the same contests in the Illionois the Black Hawk War, in year since the general state assembly which hundreds of store closes down election and loses Native Americans fight (1832) the USA 忡 first girl friend, Ann Rutledge, dies (1835) returns to New Salem contests in the Illinois and works as a state assembly election once again postmaster and wins (1834) becomes a lawyer and his depression starts studying law by himself without going to a law college wins the Illinois state worsens assembly election for a second time (1836) wins the Illinois state wins the Illinois state marries Mary Todd and settles in Springfield (1842) assembly election for a assembly election for a third time fourth time (1838) (1840) retires from politics doesn't get a temporarily, pursues law and gets the gets nomination for the US House of Representatives' nomination for the US House of Representatives' election (1843) nickname 'Honest Abe' election and wins (1848) (1846) second son re-enters politics to loses the US senate oppose the Kansas-Nebraska act Edward Baker Lincoln elections, but becomes dies, aged 4 (1950) a favorite of the (1856) masses third son William the civil war begins becomes the 16th president of the USA (1861) Wallace Lincoln dies, aged 11 (1862) issues the wins his second civil war ends presidential election (1865) emancipation proclamation, which and becomes the US frees 3.9 million slaves president once again (1864) (1863) TTT dies the next day is shot by John Wilkes Booth, who is against voting rights for blacks (11th April 1865) issues a speech about bringing voting rights to black people

The Biography of Abraham Lincoln

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This infographic describes the biography of Abraham Lincoln - his birth, early life, entry into politics, getting elected as the 16th president of the USA, abolishing slavery, & his death.




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