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Battle of Stalingrad: Nov 18 1942

Stalingrad: The Red Army Strikes Back Soviet vs. Axis dispositions on November 18, 1942. Operation Uranus, the Soviet plan to destroy the Germans in Stalingrad launched the next day, November 19. 3D View The Germans had most of their troops and equipment facing Stalingrad. They had been pounding the defenders for 10 weeks and controlled 90% of the city. They believed the battle all but over. Astrakhan 300km Đon Front Rather than pour troops into Stalingrad, the Soviets hatched an audacious plan to attack on the flanks and trap Sixth Army. Er Veronezh 450km Stalingrad Front DON Serafimovitch . Betanovka Karpovka 6th Army 4th Rumanian Army Kalatch 20 Mot 52 Tanks Dspersed SW Front 14th Pz 36 Tanks Disporsad 22nd Pz 30Tanks Disparsed 3rd Rumahian Army 25km Elista 140km Kasanskya kova | sth jealian Aray TOkm 4 SOkm Kotelnikovskiy 3 The Soviet attack was a complete suprise. When the pincers met at Kalatch on Nov. 24th, Sixth Army was trapped East of the Don. Morosovsky These flanks were held by weaker Romanian soldiers without effective anti-tank weapons. They didn't stand a chance. 100km Rostov 200km Scale (same for both Frontline and 3D views) Soviet German Romanian Italian Railroads Soldiers Paved Roads Soldiers Tanks Rivers 1,000 5,000 10,000 Tanks (Refit & Repair) Army / Front Border Tanks 10 50 100 Frontline View South West Front Don Front Stalingrad Front 5th Tank Army 1st Guards 21st 65th 24th 66th 62nd 64th 57th 51st Army Army Army Army Army Army Army Army Army 74.3 k 163 Tanks 105.1 k 359 T 102.8 k 77 k 67.5 k 52 k 31.5 k 52.9 k 48.4 k 54.8 k 199T 49T 48T 5T 23 T 40T 225 T 207T Veschenskaya 6 10 25 50 100km Erzovka STALINGRAD Betanovka DON Lake 28.1k 28.5 84 T 24k 28.5k 24k 21.5k 26.5k 108 Tanks 17.5 75k 30k 3ок 95 T LI Corps IV XIV IV XI Corps II VIII VI II Corps Corps Corps Corps Corps Corps Corps Corps Corps 4th Pz Army Rumanian 3rd Army 6th Army 4th Rumanian Army Notes: Data is generally accurate, but not specifically accurate. Variations in data from different sources have not been resolved. Mobile units are shown as front-line if they are combat ready. 1st Rumanian Armored Division is thus included in 3rd Army IV Corps. German armored units in refit and repairs were dispersed and not combat ready. They are shown and labled (14PZ, 22ndPz, 20Mot), but not included in front-line units. 62nd Army tanks were mostly immobile by this point in the battle. Order of battle and troop strengths based on these sources: Beevor,,, Wikipedia, Hedvevstia

Battle of Stalingrad: Nov 18 1942

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Visualization of troop deployments at Stalingrad on the day before the Soviets counter-attacked.


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