Antiquated Laws Still on the Books

peoplefinders Antiquated Laws Still on the Books WILD AND STRANGE LAWS ACROSS THE UNITED STATES Alabama In Montgomery, it's illegal to write or draw on any building, even if it's your own. Alaska Though Alaska has legalized recreational marijuana, it's still illegal to consume it if you have the "intent to disturb." Arizona If you want to feed garbage to pigs, whether your own or someone else's, you'll need a state-issued permit first. Arkansas In one of the most bizarre-sounding laws, Little Rock has made it illegal to sound a vehicle's horn at "any place where cold drinks or sandwiches are served" after 9 p.m. California In Fresno, it's illegal for any individual to "annoy" an animal, bird or reptile when in a public park. Colorado Don't get excited when you see Boulder's namesake. It's specifically illegal to "roll, throw, or otherwise move" any boulders on public property. Connecticut Remember to always monitor your refrigerators. In Hartford, you can't leave a fridge unattended if children can access it. Delaware Pawnbrokers have a variety of things they're allowed to sell, but they can't accept artificial limbs or wheelchairs. Florida A dog owner is liable for any damage caused by a vicious dog unless that owner has put up signs that include the words "Bad Dog." BAD BOY Georgia Why didn't the chicken cross the road? Because in Quitman, it's illegal for a chicken or any other fowl to do so. Hawaii If you were interested in breaking into the world of mongoose breeding, make sure you get a permit. It's expressly illegal unless you get one. Idaho In Pocatello, a law once enacted to cheer up residents after a hard winter declares that it's illegal not to smile. Illinois Jacksonville's official Halloween requirements deem that only kids under the age of 13 can trick or treat and deems the practice "solicitation, commonly referred to as trick or treating." Indiana In a law that probably has an unfortunate background, it's expressly illegal to catch fish with dynamite, a firearm or your bare hands. Iowa lowa cares so much about its dairy industry that the state has made it illegal to use the words "butter," "creamery," "dairy," or any words or images of cows when selling margarine. Kansas Don't even think of taking a bit of dirt as a souvenir of your time in Wichita. It's illegal to remove dirt from anywhere in the city or the airport without a permit. Kentucky You can play with your cat, but in Owensboro, it's illegal to "harass" someone with a laser pointer. Louisiana In an effort to protect its first responders, New Orleans has made it illegal for anyone to swear at a firefighter. Maine Bingo – or, as Maine strangely refers to it, "beano" – has different laws for normal and "high-stakes beano." Maryland If you want to swear in public in Rockville, take a look around first. It's illegal to swear near a street, sidewalk or highway if someone can hear you. Massachusetts Snowballs in Medford apparently pack a punch. They're listed alongside stones and "other missiles" under items you can't throw at someone. Michigan Seek out approval before you plan the 1812 Overture in Detroit. It's illegal to fire a cannon without a permit. Minnesota Minnesota has made it illegal to hold a contest or game where the objective is to catch pigs, "greased, oiled, or otherwise." Mississippi It wasn't enough for those in Mississippi to outlaw polygamy. They also outlawed teaching someone else about it. Missouri In Jefferson City, people can only hold a garage sale between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m., they can't last longer than three days, and they can only hold two per year. Montana The phrase "a shepherd abandoning his flock" holds legal weight here. If someone's contracted to watch over sheep, they have to give five days' notice before stopping. Nebraska Billiard halls, pool halls and bowling alleys should be as transparent as possible. That's why in Nebraska city, people have to be able to see inside them from the street. Nevada Put your kids in the backyard if they want to play a game of catch. It's illegal to do so in Carson City. New Hampshire In many places, it's illegal to ride a skateboard on the sidewalk. But in Meredith, they add insult to injury, as the police can confiscate your skateboard for up to 30 days. New Jersey To avoid any issues in the future, New Jersey has preemptively made it illegal to clone a human. New Mexico The state takes its state anthem and the national anthem very seriously. You can't "improperly use" these anthems, and you have to sing them in their entirety. New York Bespectacled people can trust Syracuse to protect them from false advertising. Eyeglass advertisements have a number of specific requirements. North Carolina If your organization wants to hold bingo tournaments, they'll have to get a license. Unlicensed organizations can only hold 10 hours every week. North Dakota Fargo wants its residents to be sober when they kick off their shoes. People can't be allowed to dance where alcohol is served. Ohio There are a number of exemptions from arrest in Ohio. You can't get arrested if you're in a court of law while court is in session, on Sunday or on the Fourth of July. Oklahoma Buried alongside a variety of other requirements, Tulsa has made it illegal for anyone to make glue out of skunks. Oregon Cemeteries are peaceful places, and Oregon has made that very specific. No one is allowed to hunt in a cemetery. Pennsylvania Pursuant to federal law, Pennsylvania has stated it's illegal to sell live turtles. Rhode Island As part of its general laws against incitement, Rhode Island has dictated that no one can use "fighting words" toward another. South Carolina Forget being against video games – in South Carolina, minors aren't even allowed to play pinball. South Dakota In Huron, it's illegal for anyone to cause static between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. Tennessee Dueling is prohibited, and if someone has ever been convicted of dueling, they can no longer hold an office in Tennessee. Техas In Texas, you have to hold respect for the dead. It's expressly illegal for anyone to picket a funeral. Utah If the governor has declared a state of emergency, you're not allowed to sell alcohol if the Alcohol Beverage Control director also mandates it. Vermont Arguments about gun control are apparently passé in Vermont. The state's disallowed anyone from owning a weapon of mass destruction. Virginia It's common to find old laws regarding Sunday. In Virginia, you can't take clams or oysters for commercial use on Sunday. Washington The city of Skamania has declared itself a "Sasquatch refuge." If you find one – whether you call him "Sasquatch," "Yeti," or "Giant Hairy Ape" – it's a felony to kill him. West Virginia Have you ever heard of a state having a swear jar? In West Virginia, you can technically be fined $1 per violation if you swear in public. Wisconsin Lawn watering is usually a pretty calm affair. But in Sheboygan, if you water your lawn "to the distress or annoyance of others," expect a visit from the police. Wyoming Drunk driving is a big deal, but in Wyoming, apparently drunk skiing is an even bigger deal. It's expressly illegal to ski while impaired. peoplefinders Source: %24

Antiquated Laws Still on the Books

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If you ever decide to start looking into your city, county and state laws, you might want to prepare yourself first. There are plenty of incredibly strange laws spread out across the United States. S...




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