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An Anthology of Mythical Creatures

An Anthology of Mythical Creatures Europe Valkyrie Kelpie Basilisk Black Shuck Scotland Scandinavia Warrior woman who chooses who dies or lives in battle. British Isles England Ghostly black dog whose direct gaze dooms you to death within a year. Water horse that lures victims to ride on its back to their doom. Winged, cockerel-headed reptile that murders with a single glance. Banshee Cerberus European Dragon Europe Powerful winged reptile that breathes fire and hoards treasure. Herne the Hunter Ireland Female spirit that Greece Multi-headed hellhound that quards the entrance to the underworld. England The antlered spirit of a hanged man that screams as an omen of death. guards Windsor Forest. Г/ Pegasus Ceasg Scotland Mermaid that grants three wishes when Chimera Medusa Greece Greece Greece Winged stallion that helps heroes conquer deadly foes. Fire-breathing hybridization of a lion, goat, and snake. Snake-haired woman whose captured. direct gaze petrifies. Unicorn La Guita Xica Xana Alp Germany Shapeshifting goblin that evokes nightmares in sleeping victims. Greece Dazzling horse with a spiraling horn. Spain Green, serpentine dragon that protects the people of Catalonia. Spain Exquisite female water nymphs with hypnotic voices. Phoenix Fenrir Dames Blanches Vodník Greece Fire bird that eternally regenerates from its own ashes. Scandinavia Monstrous wolf France Czech Republic Amphibious human spirit with bizarre clothing that store souls in procelain cups. destined to devour the world. Ghostly women in white who destroys those that refuse to dance. East Asia 7 Chinese Dragon Pixiu Dokkaebi Gumiho China China Korea Long, serpentine creature with elemental powers. Korea Nine-tailed fox that freely transforms into a beguiling woman. Winged lion that wards off evil spirits Impish spirits that transformed from and attracts wealth. inanimate objects. Ittan-momen Bake-kujira Kasa-obake Nuppeppõ Japan Sentient roll of cotton that flies through the night and suffocates people. Japan Ghost whale that is accompanied by bizarre birds and unknown fish. Japan Animated umbrellas that jump around on one leg. Japan Passive, genderless blob one can eat to gain eternal youth. Shōjō Uchchaihshravas Airavata Japan Red-faced sea spirit with a fondness for alcohol. India India Seven-headed flying horse that became the king of horses. A pristine, winged elephant that creates rain, steed to the god Indra. Maria Makiling Philippines Nymph guardian spirit of Mt. Makiling in Laguna. Santelmo Philippines Spiritual presence in the form of a dancing orb of flame. West Asia ? Gamayun Baba Yaga Şüräle Turkey Horned, woolly humanoid that tickles people to death. Androsphinx Egypt Living statue with a lion body and human head, tells riddles. Russia Prophetic bird with the head of a woman. Russia Mysterious old woman who floats around in a mortar. Bahamut Aqrabuamelu Middle East Former Mesopotamia Warrior with scorpion bodies and male torso. Colossal fish that is one of seven layers supporting the earth. The Americas Wendigo Ogopogo Chupacabra Madremonte British Columbia Puerto Rico Columbia Forest mother that Algonquian Tribes Cannibalistic beastly humanoid, possibly once human. Lake-dwelling serpentine monster. Bear-sized, spiky creature that drinks protects flora and fauna from mankind. livestock bloo Curupira Brazil Jungle genie with bright red hair and backwards feet. Jersey Devil New Jersey, USA Hooved creature with Ahuizotl Mexico Aquatic canine bat-like wings and a blood-chilling scream. creature with a tail-hand. Oceania I O. Patupaiarehe Taniwha Wondjina Rainbow Serpent New Zealand New Zealand Australia Australia Deep forest or mountain spirits that play enchanting flute music. Beings that reside among dangerous currents, may be guardians or predators. Rainbow snake that represents the cycle of seasons. Cloud and rain spirits that deliver monsoons. SOURCES: book hotels, B&Bs and apartments

An Anthology of Mythical Creatures

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One of the ways we can learn more about different cultures is by studying the stories that they tell. Folklore and myth are the earliest examples of cultural stories, and often they involve exciting h...


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