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America's Famous Gangsters

A Close Up at the American Gangster Prohibition and The Great Depression made the U.S. a violent battleground of corruption. The 18th Amendment (passed in 1920) banned the manufacturing, sale & consumption of alcohol. Prohlbltlon led to organlzed crIme. Speakeasles & bootleggIng made blg money. Murder, assault & burglary grew. 12,000+ murders happened each year. Crime families fought for power. • 1920s Chicago had an estimated 1,300 gangs. • New York had 5 mafla famlles. • Police officers, Judges & politiclans were bribed to Ignore/partlclpate In Illegal actIvity. 1920 1933 Prohibition ended in 1933, but the Great Depression had set in. Some turned to robblng banks & stealing cars for a llvIng. Mob Capitals of the U.S. New York City NY Chicago IL Detrolt MI Philadelphla PA San Francisco Kansas City CA KS "Extreme problems often require extreme solutions." -Unknown Chicago Mafia Boss (1925-1932) Income: $100+ million per year. ARRESTED FOR TAX EVASION Crimes: Murder, Bootlegging, and Gambling & Prostitution Operations Served Time in Alcatraz Cause of Death: Syphilis (Age 48) Al Capone "Scarface" Crimes: Bank Robbery, Theft & Murder Cause of Death: Gunned Down by Officers on May 23, 1934 (Ages 24 & 25) Crimes: Bootlegging, Bank Robbery & Kidnapping Bonnie Parker ARRESTED FOR ILLEGAL and Clyde Barrow TRAFFICKING Served Time in Alcatraz Cause of Death: Heart attack (age 59) Crimes: Bank Robbery, Auto Theft & Murder George “Machine Gun" Cause of Death: Gunned Down by FBI agents in Chicago on July 22, 1934 (Age 31) Kelly Los Angeles Mob Boss; Jewish Mafia John Dillinger Crimes: Murder, Theft, Blackmail, & Gambling Operations "Public Enemy No. 1" ARRESTED FOR TAX EVASION Served Time in Alcatraz Cause of Death: Stomach Mickey Cohen Cancer (Age 62) Matriarch of the Barker-Karpis Gang Crimes: Kidnapping, Bank Robbery & Murder Cause of Death: Gunned Down by FBI Agents in 1935 (Age 62) Kate “Ma" Barker American Gangsters were more than criminals – they became legends. Sources: http://vault http:/ Protect Your Home Authorized ADT Premier Provider 1-800-419-3043

America's Famous Gangsters

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When the 1920s rolled around, the United States was in a frenzy over Prohibition, which prohibited the manufacturing and consumption of alcohol. Illegal enterprises, such as bootlegging and speakeasie...



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