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The 6 Wives of Henry VIII

CATHERINE OF ARAGON ANNE BOLEYN JANE SEYMOUR ANNE OF CLEVES CATHERINE HOWARD CATHERINE PARR NATIONALITY: English RELIGION: Protestant/Reformer MARRIED FOR: Love CORONATION: 6/1/1533 ISSUE: Princess Elizabeth KNOWN FOR: Dancing & Geniality RUMORS: Six fingers on each hand NATIONALITY: English RELIGION: Catholic MARRIED FOR: Love CORONATION: Never Crowned ISSUE: Prince Edward KNOWN FOR: Sweetness Spanish German English English Catholic Angelican Catholic Secret Protestant Family Honor MARRIED FOR: Love Political Gain Companionship 6/24/1509 Never Crowned RONATION: Never Crowned No Children Never Crowned Henry Duke of Cornwall (d) Princess Mary No Children From 4 Marriage Infidelity Remarried in Secret Piety Embroidery The King's Beloved Sister 2/13/1542 9/5/1548 Witchcraft 7/16/1557 OF NOTE: The only one of Henry's wives to have a Queen's funeral. Henry VII is buried beside her in St. George's Chapel 100,000 Crowns Incest Widowed Beheaded DIED: 5/18/1536 Died in Childbirth 1 year later Beheaded DIED: 10/24/1537 Annulled Died in Childbirth 1/7/1536 Divorced COURTSHIP BETROTHED The Wives of ELIZABETH I Daughter of EDWARD VI son of Jane Seymour MARY I Daughter of Catherine of Aragon Anne Boleyn Bloody The Virgin HenryVIII Mary Queen BORN: BORN: BORN: BA 2/18/1516 9/7/1533 10/12/1537 Reign: 7/19/1553 - 11/17/1558 Reign: 11/17/1558 - 3/24/1603 Reign: 1/28/1547 - 7/6/1553 References: VILof_England,,,,, http://,,,,, http:l/ wnet/sixwives/index.html, 1485 1486 - Henry BORN cOCT tOST SOST - 90ST LOST -15 L 80ST E 60ST - OTST 1511 20 ZTSI ETST DTST STST -25 9TST LTST 8TST 15197 521 ZZST E SZST SE 9ZST 1528- 1531 40 SEST Married ÞEST lanuary 25 th 1533 SEST осст St May 30th 1536 1537 1538 EST 1542 09 July 12th 1543 1546 55 ry DIED 1ст

The 6 Wives of Henry VIII

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Compares the lives of Henry VIII's six wives in tandem with Henry's life and his marriages to each of them. Learn the facts, rumors and (in some cases, gory) ends in Henry VIII's search for love and m...


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