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50 Years of Mission: An EMQ Retrospective

50 Years of Mission AN EMQ RETROSPECTIVE 1964 2014 1960 2011 1964 2012 1964 2014 1960 2010 1960 2010 1960 2010 1962 2010 MıssION ISSUES WORLD HISTORY TECH BURSTS Handing “mission property" over to local control; will “mission" survive? Colonies becoming independent; Cold War; Vietnam Color TV, Cassette tapes Cambodian killing fields; energy crisis; Iranian revolution Photocopiers "Contextualization" term coined; “Church Growth" and "people groups"; shrinking of ecumenical mission 1960s IIIIII 1970s Personal computers; Battles about holism (word & deed); early recognition of "third world missionaries" Apartheid and neo-colonialism challenged; industrial accidents in Bhopal, Chernobyl; AIDS emerges Fax 1980s "Finish the task" by AD 2000; 10/40 Window; globalization as a challenge; short-term mission under local EU formed; Soviet Union breaks up; apartheid repealed; Rwandan genocide Internet & e-mail 1990s church initiative 2000s Internationalization of mission work force; seeking new focus for a new century (filling the void after Y2K) Smart phones; Wikipedia; Facebook; YouTube 9/11/2001; Tsunami off Indonesia 2010s Orality; “Insider movements" debate; mission to diasporas "Arab Spring"; China & India emerging as global players Tablets; Twitter; FaceTime; Instagram 1973: Missiology 1979: Mission Frontiers 1981: International Bulletin of Missionary Research 1984: International Journal of Frontier Mission 1984: Transformation: An International Journal of Holistic Mission Studies 2002: Connections (WEA) 2002: Journal of Evangelism and Missions 2003: Global Missiology MONGOLIA (communist), NEPAL (Hindu kingdom), and CHINA were among the most closed countries in the world in 1964. Today, all three have thriving churches with powerful mission vision. 2005: Saint Francis Online Magazine 2009: Great Commission Research Journal 2012: Orality Journal Sources: 50 EMC Brought to you by our To find more infographics Evangelical Missions Quarterly from GMI visit gmi sponsor: 1964-2014 Evangelical Missions Quarterly GLOBAL POPULATION | 3,263,739,000 7,162,119,000 JOURNALS % POPULATION URBAN 33.7% 52.1% 55.0 years 70.8 years | 35.5 million years 43,243

50 Years of Mission: An EMQ Retrospective

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Of all the geopolitical forces dominating people's attention in the 1960's, the launching of EMQ (Evangelical Missions Quarterly – was not one of them. We were making major tech a...


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