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5 Famous Aircraft and How They Changed The World Present Famous Aircraft And How They Changed The World 5: Space Shuttle Columbia On April 21st, 1981, NASA unvéiled the first space shuttle, and the first spaceworthy craft that could be reused on future missions. The shuttle has, in turn, allowed for the launch of the Hubble Telescope, as well as the creation of the International Space Station. 4: Enola Gay We needed to include this plane, as it changed the course of the Second World War, and would prove to be the instigator of one of the biggest changes to warfare in the 20th century. On Aug 6th 1945, Enola Gay dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima. It was named after the mother of the pilot, Colonel Paul Tibbetts. 3: Apollo 11 Eagle Lunar Module The craft that would usher in a new age of space exploration, the Eagle Lunar Module, touched down on the Moon's surface on July 20th, 1969, prompting Neil Armstrong's infamous declaration that "the Eagle has landed" 2: Wright Flyer The Wright Flyer was a bi- plane that took flight on December 17th 1903 and it was a revolutionary machine, and one of the most famous airplanes to have ever existed and of course inspired future- designs. 1. The Spirit of St Louis In 1919, businessman Raymond Orteig offered to pay $25,000 to the pilot who could successfully fly from New York to Paris. Young aviator Charles Lindbergh took up the challenge and took flight in the Spirit of St Louis on May 20th, 1927, landing thirty three and a half hours later and enthralling the world as to the possibilities of flight N-X2 Spir SLLouis RVAN

5 Famous Aircraft and How They Changed The World

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5 aircraft and the effects they had on the aviation, exploration and warfare.




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