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10 Famous Doors throughout History

10 FAMOUS DOORS THROUGHOUT HISTORY 01. 02. MLMES WALM CHRIST AT HEART'S DOOR 221B BAKER STREET A common thematic depiction in 19th century painting was the image of Christ knocking at the door of a home. This symbolises his significance as both friend and guest. This is of course the fictional home of Sherlock Holmes. It didn't exist back when Sir Arthur Conan Doyle first wrote his stories; but was added to the street in the 1930s. The house numbers previously went up to 85. 03. 04. THE PORTAL TO NARNIA 10 DOWNING STREET This famous fictional door features in C. S. Lewis' The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. The story follows four evacuated children who find a magical kingdom that can be entered through a wardrobe. As the official residence of the Prime Minister of Great Britain this is one of the most recognisable doors the world over. A policeman is always on guard at the door which can only be opened from inside. 05. 06. ROVERS RETURN INN THE ROVERS RETURN ELIZABETH ARDEN RED DOOR SALONS Arden opened salons across the world in the 1910s. The red door has since become synonymous with the brand. The company even launched a 'Red Door Perfume'. The much-loved British soap Coronation Street has been running since the 1960s. And The Rovers Return pub has been at the heart of the series during this time. Its entrance is legendary and perfect for a photo op. 07. 08. T t ite Charthia en she Wei teal. Ner. Mon. Nv. , . W. W. G. THE WESTGATE HOTEL THE STATE OPENING OF PARLIAMENT This was a key location in an early 19th century Chartist uprising. Shots were fired during a march on in Newport, Monmouthshire and the bullet holes in the door can still be seen today. The doors at the House of Lords' Chamber are slammed in the face of an official as part of a parliamentary opening ritual that takes place every year. 09. 10. THE COLUMBUS DOOR THE DOORS This grand door is the entrance to the Rotunda in the U.S. Capitol. Images from U.S. history are painted onto the door's panels. This highly influential band, formed in 1965, was headed by the legendary Jim Morrison. This technically makes the list '13 Famous Doors Throughout History... Adamson Sources: Doors 12/12/10-most-famous-doors-in-history/ Google Images

10 Famous Doors throughout History

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10 of the world's most famous doors throughout history. An infographic by Adamson Doors.


Adamson Doors


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