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You're poison running through my guts!

You're poison running through my guts! OUC Restaurant-linked food poisoning outbreaks in England & Wales by cuisine type, 1992-2009* AMERICAN 20 OUTBREAKS /1 PER YEAR RM PM Ff RSE DC&C INDIAN BRITISH 88 OUTBREAKS / 5 PER YEAR 11 V&F 105 OUTBREAKS /6 PER YEAR 13 C/MF RM PM RM PM C&Sf Ff CESF RSE CHINESE E&ED RSE 6. 7 175 OUTBREAKS / 10 PER YEAR M&DP DC&C 10 11 V&F 10 11 V&F CES 12 13 C/MF C&S 13 C/MF RM PM OF CESF E&ED RSE DC&C V&F C&S 10 11 C/MF 12 13 ITALIAN 69 OUTBREAKS / 4 PER YEAR CONTINENTAL / EUROPEAN 35 OUTBREAKS / 2 PER YEAR OF RM PM RM PM Ff C&Sf Ff CESF 3. E&ED RSE E&ED RSE 7. M&DP DC&C DC&C 10 11 V&F 10 11 C&S 13 C/MF C&S 13 C/MF SEAFOOD 31 OUTBREAKS / 2 PER YEAR SANDWICH BAR 29 OUTBREAKS / 2 PER YEAR OTHER CUISINES* 95 OUTBREAKS / 5 PER YEAR PM RM PM Ff C&Sf Ff RM PM E&ED RSE M&DP 10 Ff CESF 8. 3. 11 V&F E&ED RSE 8 13 M&DP DC&C C&S C/MF 12 13 10 11 V&F C&S 13 C/MF Key PATHOGEN / TOXIN SIZE OF SPOT = FOOD TYPE CONTRIBUTING FACTOR LENGTH OF FILAMENT = SIZE OF BU BBLE = NUMBER OF OUTBREAKSÅ€ NUMBER OF OUTBREAKS TIMES RECORDED+ 1. SALMONELLA ENTERITIDIS NON-PT4 2. SALMONELLA ENTERITIDIS PT4 RED MEAT POULTRY MEAT 3. SALMONELLA TYPHIMURIUM 4. OTHER SALMONELLA SPP. FINFISH CRUSTACEA & SHELLFISH 5. BACILLUS SPP. EGGS & EGG DISHES RAW SHELL EGG# 6. CAMPYLOBACTER SPP. 7. CLOSTRIDIUM PERFRINGENS MILK & DAIRY PRODUCTS DESSERT, CAKES & CONFECTIONARY 8. SCOMBROTOXIN RICE VEGETABLES & FRUIT 9. VTEC 0157 10. FOODBORNE VIRUSES CONDIMENTS & SAUCES COMPOSITE / MIXED FOODS 11. OTHER PATHOGEN / TOXIN 12. MIXED PATHOGENS 13. NOT KNOWN OTHER FOODS SPP. = MULTIPLE SPECIES CROSS-CONTAMINATION INADEQUATE HEAT TREAT MENT / COOKING STORAGE TOO LONG / TOO WARM INFECTED FOOD HANDLER POOR PERSONAL HYGIENE BUG FATTNESS = TOTAL NUMBER OF OUTBREAKS IN CUISINE %3D POOR HAND-WASHING FACILITIES *Reported restaurant-linked foodborne outbreaks where cuisine type is known (in another 30 cases cuisine type is unknown). **Kebab, French, Greek, Spanish, Mexican, Thai, Japanese, Danish, vegetarian and mixed cuisines. TThe totals in source for cuisine type and pat going for contributing factor. In the case of food type, it's unclear why (possibly hidden category 'unkown food type'). As for contributing factor, more than one factor can be recorded for an outbreak, which explains why the number can be higher. Unclear why it can also be lower (possibly hidden categories 'other' and/or 'unkown contributing factor'). Used in uncooked / light|ly cooked food. Source: Gormley et al. Choose your menu wisely: cuisine-associated food-poisoning risks in restaurants in England and Wales. Epidemiology and Infection Journal. 2012;140. Data: htt p:// NNC04 / toxyn match, but totals for food don't match the others, the same Design: Paulo Estriga The Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards

You're poison running through my guts!

shared by PauloEstriga on Feb 26
Visualisation made for the Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards' Food Poisoning Mini-Challenge. Shortlisted in the Static category.


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