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Your Heart In Love

Your Heart IN LOVE Love is a beautiful thing that surrounds us every day! But do you know how it affects your heart? The O brain sends signals to the adrenal gland, which secretes hormones such as adrenaline, epinephrine and norepinephrine. They flow through the blood and cause the heart to beat faster and stronger. The response to LOVE is somewhat similar to a fast heartbeat while running on a treadmill. He a r t p a lp it a t i ons The feeling of your heart skipping a beat is caused by heart palpitations. This can occur from the anxiety you feel of being attracted or in love with someone. KISSING Kissing passionately gets your heartbeat revved in a healthy way that helps lower your blood pressure. It dilates your blood vessels allowing blood to flow more freely to your vital organs. A passionate makeout session can burn 8 to 16 calories per smooch! Kissing lowers the stress hormone, cortisol, it also lowers anxiety and has similar benefits to meditation. During a heated, heart-racing kind of kiss, your body releases adrenaline, which can actually reduce feelings of pain. During SEX Sexual activity is no more, and often a lot less, stressful to the heart than other daily activities. In fact, the physical demands of sex are relatively mild. We place the same stress on the heart when walking briskly up two flights of stairs or walking one mile on flat land in 20 mins. Long-standing relationships, where people are comfortable with each other, should present no problem, but a casual encounter can lead to a greater heart rate rise. An interesting statistic suggests that, of those who die or have a heart attack during sex, 80% are having extramarital sex! Infographic by Openhouse Products

Your Heart In Love

shared by SG_Graphics on Feb 12
Love is a beautiful thing that surrounds us every day! But do you know how it affects your heart?



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