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Your Guide to Periodontal Disease

YOUR GUIDE TO PERIODONTAL DISEASE PROTECTING YOUR GUMS PERIO PROTECT A non-invasive therapy that helps manage bacteria around teeth and gums Use prescription solutions in a custom tray in between dental visits Helps stop biofilms that can form very quickly from regenerating STAGES OF GUM DISEASE NORMAL GINGIVITIS PERIODONTITIS GINGIVITIS PERIODONTITIS The earliest form of gum An advanced form of gum disease which occurs when gingivitis isn't treated disease, which is reversible with proper treatment Symptoms include red, swollen Plaque can spread under the gum line, where the bacteria irritate the gums that bleed easily gum tissue May be caused by improper dental hygiene or other factors such as: I Diabetes 1 Smoking I Stress Symptoms may include: I Pockets between teeth and gums that become infected I Teeth that loosen or start to shift I Receding gums GUM DISEASE AND OVERALL HEALTH DIABETES Individuals with diabetes are more likely to get PPPPPPPPPPI periodontal disease Periodontal disease, in turn, can make controlling diabetes more difficult HEART DISEASE Studies suggest periodontal disease could increase the risk of heart disease Periodontal disease may also make existing heart conditions worse CANCER Studies show that men with gum disease are: 30% more likely to get blood cancers 49% more likely to get kidney cancer 54% more likely to get pancreatic cancer Provided by: MAPLE AVENUE FAMILY DENTISTRY 310 MAPLE AVE. SUITE 107 BARRINGTON. RI 02806 Sources: basics/perio-protect.aspx

Your Guide to Periodontal Disease

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What is Perio Protect and how can it help you fight off gum disease? Discover this amazing dental treatment and what it does for the teeth and gums by setting your sights on this general dentistry infographic!


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