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Your Dirty Habits Make Me Sick

Your Dirty MAKE ME SICK average makeup bags are Habits years old 45% of women never clean makeup brushes a milliliter of foul water squeezed out of a kitchen sponge contains up to 10 Million bacteria 16% of cell the seals of refrigerators tested positive for Common Molds around 83% of the time phones have poop on them YOUR DIRTY MORNING *Surfaces with an atp count of 300 or higher office area during for people who did not disinfect their desk, bacteria levels increase up to 31 in their cold and flu viruses can survive for up to 18 hours on hard surfaces SURFACES CONSIDERED A HIGH RISK FOR ILLNESS TRANSMISSION* are considered a high risk for illness transmission. the day 72% 75* Break room faucet handles of workers admit 48% Microwave door handles working Sick spreads diseases 27* Computer keyboards 26% Refrigerator door handles 23% Water fountain buttons 53% OF WORKERS SAID THEY FEEL GUILTY IF THEY CALL IN SICK. METHODS OF SICKNESS PREVENTION AT WORK 78% Wash my hands often. ax Carry hand sanitizer with me and use it often. YOUR DIRTY WORKDAY Regularly clean my keyboard, 30% phone, and desk area. 15% Avoid shaking people's hands. HIGH GERM ZONES Skip meetings where I know 3% people are sick. Computer mice have been found to be more than 3 TIMES DIRTIER THAN A TOILET SEAT 2/3rds of lemons tested in restaurants contained disease-causing bacteria Keyboards have been found to be more than A) 5 TIMES DIRTIER THAN A TOILET SEAT Office keyboards contain 70% more bacteria than a toilet seat. Office desks have been found to be more than 400 TIMES DIRTIER THAN A TOILET SEAT The area where your hands rest has around 10,000,000 bacteria. 87% of paper money is contaminated with bacteria that could A) Light switches have around 217 bacteria / square inch cause an E) Office phones have around 25,127 germs / square inch infection. YOUR DIRTY DINNER DATE 80% infections are spread through hand contact EVERY YEAR IN THE U.S. FOODBORNE ILLNESSES CAUSE: remotes contain 70 bacteria per square inch 76 million illnesses, 325,000 hospitalizations, ) and 5,000 deaths KILL 99.9% 2 WEEKS TRY A FREE SAMPLE YOUR DIRTY MOVIES of germs, bacteria, and viruses for over ienSwipes with ionSwipes long-term antimicrobial Presented By ionSwipes/ SEPING TLEEN SOURCES ANTIMICROBIAL WIPES

Your Dirty Habits Make Me Sick

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Everything you touch carries germs. Ever wonder just how many? Want to know of a way to keep things sanitary?





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