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Is Your Child A Cyberbully?

IS YOUR CHILD A CYBERBULLY? SCHOOL 20-30% OF STUDENTS WILL BE 10-20% OF STUDENTS WILL BE CYBERBULLIED CYBERBULLIES III CYBERBULLYING IS THE USE OF ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION TO BULLY A PERSON. More than half of the children who experience cyberbullying not tell their parents about it. Around 55% of teens report having observed bullying behavior while 95% report having ignored the behavior when it was observed. HOW TO TELL IF YOUR CHILD IS A CYBERBULLY A Long periods and odd hours of internet use Changes in a child's patterns of internet use, including increased or unusually long hours spent online, and/or odd hours may be signs of cyberbullying. A child engaging in cyberbullying behavior may become upset when their internet usage is confronted or cut off by the parents. V Excessive social network accounts Children who maintain an excessive number of social networking accounts may be using them to follow and harass others. A Friends who have engaged in bullying If a child's friends are known to have engaged in cyberbullying, or exhibit behaviors typical of bullies, it may lead to a child engaging in such behavior in order to fit in with the group. A Changes in behavior Marked changes in behavior, including sudden skipping and inconsistency in schoolwork, may be signs that a child is spending too much time online, and possibly engaging in cyberbullying behavior. Children who seem to be hiding aspects of their internet use by changing their screen, closing windows, avoiding conversations about online habits, or hiding their phones when parents walk by may be a sign of cyberbullying. A child may display moodiness or irritability when they are unable to use their computer or phone. More than 80% of teens regularly use a cell phone, one of the main tools for cyberbullying. Recent studies show that 1% of Research shows that girls are more likely to engage in OR experience cyberbullying. bullies engage in bullying without being bullied themselves. 74% of bullies were found to be boys with high levels of depression, anger, paranoia, emotional instability, potential for suicidal behavior, and a dislike for school. WHY DO KIDS CYBERBULLY EACH OTHER? Relief of boredom. Gives a sense of power and status. Peer pressure. Some children may see their actions as joking around and have difficulty understanding that their actions can cause real harm. Some children believe the victim deserves it. Some children begin cyberbullying after being bullied themselves as a way of coping. The sense of anonymity on the internet encourages some children to feel as though they won't be caught. Only 1 in 6 parents report being aware of the full extent of cyberbullying. Fewer than 1 in 5 incidences of cyberbullying are reported to the police. WHAT TO DO IF YOUR CHILD IS A CYBERBULLY DO DON'T Don't approach your child without a plan of how you will handle it. Approaching without a plan could result in irrational and impulsive emotions. Identify specific consequences. Possible consequences may be restrictions of internet use and/or free time and apologizing to the victim. Research and consider how best to KDon't try to deny the situation handle the situation. The approach to a child who is cyberbullying can vary significantly depending on their actions, age, and maturity or shift blame onto someone else; while cyberbullying may be caused in part by the actions of friends, it must be clear that your child's actions are equally as severe as those who may have influenced them. level. Determine whether it will be most effective for yourself and your child to talk alone, or to involve the victim and their parents or the authorities. Sit your child down for a talk during which you should lay out the consequences of their actions. This is also a good time to attempt to identify their motivation. Let them know they must stop their actions and explain their potential severity. | What Should I Do If My Child Is A Cyberbully | Prevention: Parents Role Tips: My Child Is A Cyberbully, What Do I Do? | Is Your Child Cyberbullying? | Signs Your Child May Be A Cyberbully | How To Tell If Your Child Is Involved In Cyberbullying | How Can I Determin Whether My Kid Is A Cyberbully | Cyberbullying Statistics | 2014 Cyberbullying Statistic YELLOWBIICK FIND YOUR WAY HOME

Is Your Child A Cyberbully?

shared by matthewzajechowski on Apr 27
Bullying has changed from the days of taking someone’s lunch money or giving them a swirly in the bathroom. Now, children are much more likely to engage in cyberbullying, or the use of electronic co...




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