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Your 3-Step Solution To Making Better New Year's Resolutions

YOUR NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION SOLUTION 45% Americans usually make New Year's resolutions 前 8 % successfully achleve their resolutlons Given that the U.S. population was 317 million in January 2014. this means an estimated 131 MILLION regular resolution-makers did NOT achieve their resolutions in 2014 and that's Just in the U.S.! 75% 46% malntaln thelr resolution for malntaln thelr resolution for least1 week 6 months HHH3/5 HA>><<<<< om ttendance is usualy gym memberships go unused every year back to normal by February WHY IS IT SO HARD? AND short-term memory The braln's pre-frontal cortex handles willlpower. AND abstract problem-solving Like a muscle, If we ask too much of It without proper tralning, it gets tired SMALL ATTAINABLE GOALS BIG, ABSTRACT SO GOALS WEIGH YOU WILL BE EASIER TO ACCOMPLISH DOWN HOW DO I START? "I will traln for a half-marathon held In September" BE SPECIFIC X) "I will go running more often" Set aslde specific days each week for your resolutlon, or slgn up for something scheduled, Ilke a class MAKE A SCHEDULE O Don't walt till you have time to do It- whenever that may be Make gradual changes and document It. Ex: Log your distances usIng moblle apps TRACK PROGRESS M Don't do It without a support team to keep you accountable Infographic powered by MORE INFORMATION dndund "New Years Resolution Statistics." University of Scranton. Journal of Clinical Psychology via Statistic Brain (2014). Web. "U.S. Population Clock." United States Census Bureau (2014). Web. Diamond, Dan. "Just 8% of People Achieve Their New Year's Resolutions. Here's How They Do It." Forbes Magazine (2013). Web. Lehrer, Jonah. "Blame it on the Brain." Wall Street Journal (2009). Web. Webley, Kayla. "Top 10 Commonly Broken New Year's Resolutions." TIME Magazine (2012). Web. Widrich, Leo. "The Science of New Year's Resolutions." Buffer Social.(2013). Web. Vanderkam, Laura. "7 Secrets from People Who Kept Their New Year's Resolutions" Fast Company (2014). Web. 000

Your 3-Step Solution To Making Better New Year's Resolutions

shared by PumpUp on Jan 02
New Year, new you? Let's achieve our 2015 goals for real this time. (Tip: Smaller and attainable goals will be easier to work up to than larger ones)! PumpUp has an infographic that explains a 3-step ...


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