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You Can Afford a Healthy Life

You CAN AFFORD HEALTHY Life WAYS TO STAY HEALTHY WHILE SAVING MONEY BUY ORGANICALLY GROWN INSTEAD OF CERTIFIED ORGANIC CERTIFIED ORGANIC: government regulated and inspected farms that grow and process food without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or GMO's. ORGANICALLY GROWN: farms that also grow process food without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or GMO's but are not government regulated. DID YOU KNOW... organically grown products can be 50% CHEAPER IF IT'S NOT AN EMERGENCY, VISIT AN URGENT CARE INSTEAD OF AN EMERGENCY ROOM. Top 3 Reasons for Emergency Room and Urgent Care visits: urinary tract infection ear infection sore throat Average Urgent Care bill for these conditions: Average ER bill for these conditions: $150 $570 DID YOU KNOW... more than $18 BILLION could be saved annually if "avoidable" or "non-urgent" ER visits were handled at a primary care or Urgent Care? BUY FOOD IN BULK AND FREEZE WHAT YOU DON'T IMMEDIATELY NEED DID YOU KNOW... the average savings from buying in bulk is 31% You can freeze foods like eggs, chips, meat, fruit, cheese, bread, milk, and vegetables. Just make sure to store them correctly. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF FREE, AT-HOME FITNESS OPTIONS INSTEAD OF PAYING FORA GYM MEMBERSHIP Average gym membership cost $55/MONTH That's an average of $660/YEAR It is easy to find at-home work out programs for free online or at the library QUITTING SMOKING PROVIDES SİGNIFICANT HEALTH AND FINANCIAL BENEFITS Annual savings rom quiting $3,750 smoking ranges from $1,610 to Did you know... Mortality rate for smokers is 3 times higher than people who have never smoked? +) CONSUME VEGETABLE PROTEIN MORE OFTEN THAN MEAT PROTEIN. IT IS MORE COST EFFECTIVE! ½ cup of peas has 3.5 grams of protein ½ cup of spinach has 5 grams of protein 1 medium sized baked potato has 3 grams of protein BUY FROZEN FRUIT AND VEGETABLES INSTEAD OF FRESH OPTIONS Frozen fruit and vegetables hold the same nutritional value SAVE $3.33 Frozen raspberries cost $0.54 cents per serving versus fresh raspberries that cost $3.87 per serving PER SERVING TAKE ADVANTAGE OF PREVENTATIVE MEASURES DID YOU KNOW... Insurance coverage for preventative care is usually covered at a higher percentage rate than non-preventative care? GET THE RECOMMENDED 8 HOURS OF SLEEP SCHEDULE YOUR ANNUAL PHYSICAL EXAM BRUSH & FLSS YOUR TEETH GO ON A WALK OR EXERCISE DAILY KEEP UP ON ROUTINE MEDICAL TWICE A DAY TESTING BROUGHT TO YOU BY: SOURCES: Walk-In-Lab 140 160 02 220 08. 09 40 240 - O260 20 082

You Can Afford a Healthy Life

shared by StaceySD on Feb 04
Wouldn’t you like to have more money on a daily basis to do the things you love most AND afford to be healthy? Sometime it seems as though the only way to make ends meet is the sacrifice one for the...


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