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Yoga for Every Size: Your Guide to Plus Size Yoga

YOGA FOR EVERY SIZE Your Guide to Plus-Size Yoga CONSIDER YOGA Yoga is ideal for plus-size individuals because it burns calories and aids in fat loss. A 185-pound person will burn about 178 calories in a half-hour of yoga. YOGA MAY: Reduce high blood pressure Improve symptoms of heart failure Enhance cardiac Ease palpitations rehabilitation Lower cardiovascular Ease arthritis risk factors, such as: Cholesterol levels Improve breathing for people with Blood chronic obstructive sugar pulmonary disease Stress hormones Improve balance FACTORS TO CONSIDER CONSULT AN INSTRUCTOR TO: CONSULT A DOCTOR: If you haven't tried yoga and are concerned that your body may not be ready Work together to prevent pacing issues Plan modifications See if they have experience with plus-size yogis and alternative poses GET TO CLASS TYPES OF YOGA TO TRY: HATHA (BEGINNER LEVEL) Uses postures and conscious breathing in combination with mental focus INTEGRAL A flexible combination of specific methods designed to develop every aspect of the individual: Physical Emotional Intellectual Spiritual KRIPALU Uses postures and breathing to balance energy flow CHAIR YOGA Adapts yoga positions and poses through creative uses of a yoga chair RESTORATIVE Seeks to achieve physical, mental and emotional relaxation with the aid of props PERFECT PLUS-SIZE POSES STANDING POSES (ideal for those with limited flexibility on the ground) TREE POSE (VRKSASANA) Begin in Tadasana, then lift one leg and place the heel of the foot If balance is an issue, attempt pose next to a wall and rest the against the inside of the opposite leg, while reaching both arms straight above head. knee of bent leg against the wall. SEATED POSES (ideal if standing and flexibility is challenging) EASY POSE STAFF POSE (SUKHASANA) (DANDASANA) Sit with back Keep back erect and stretch legs in front so torso and legs are perpendicular. Place palms flat on the floor beside hips and keep arms straight. straight and legs crossed so that shins meet. Hands are in lap or resting on knees. LYING POSES cideal for all) BRIDGE POSE (SETU BANDHA SARVANGASANA) CORPSE POSE (SAVASANA) Lie on back with arms slightly outstretched at sides and palms facing upward, and allow body to press into the floor. Hold for at least 5 minutes. Lie flat on back with arms at sides and knees bent. Press feet into the floor, use core and glute muscles to lift midsection while keeping head, shoulders and arms on the floor. MODIFIED SUN SALUTATION POSES MOUNTAIN POSE (TADASANA) PROBLEM: Feet at hip MODIFIER: distance Step feet wider may not provide enough support By starting in the right foundation, it allows more space for the poses to come. MOVING FROM STANDING FORWARD BEND TO A LUNGE PROBLEM: MODIFIER: Too much Step front leg wider (so if your right leg is forward, scoot it more to the right side of the mat) compression between the thigh and belly DOWN DOG PROBLEM: MODIFIER: Do tabletop pose Pose doesn't instead work for everyone, can be challenging STEPPING FORWARD FROM DOWN DOG TO STANDING FORWARD BEND PROBLEM: MODIFIER: Take many small steps to come forward Knee comes directly forward into the belly, impedes movement YOGA IS AN EXCELLENT FORM OF EXERCISE AS WELL AS AN EFFECTIVE WAY TO RELIEVE STRESS. WITH SOME SLIGHT MODIFICATIONS, IT CAN BE SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE. alight ***…....... .....*

Yoga for Every Size: Your Guide to Plus Size Yoga

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Yoga may seem like a health trend, but the benefits are proven – no matter your sex, age, or weight. However, some plus-size individuals may struggle with the flexibility and poses. h...







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