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Worry vs Focus

WORRY vs. FOCUS RELEVANT IMPRESSION CURIOUS PLAY LEVEL You hear and see information that is easily recalled. You perceive it to be an issue that is relevant and important to you. You perceive the objective as something fun and challenging. Your curiosity rises to a level of sport as you engage in tasks that bring small rewards. It becomes a kind of ONE game to you. TIME IMPORTANCE GREAT PURPOSE LEVEL The relevant issue is addressed with a Although it seems overwhelming, you view the outcome with a greater purpose. Your vision of the outcome makes each task more meaningful. You establish small goals and restrictions, to keep yourself engaged in the game. sense of time and effort needed. You feel TWO that it must be acted upon immediately, because you have a reputation to protect. WORRY BUILDING DISTRACTION-FREE LEVEL You see connections between recent and past issues, and you feel that it's more likely to happen if you don't worry about it enough. You can't accept uncertainty on any of the issues you deem important. You block out all the noise and external and internal distractions. Your focus stays on the tasks and goals you have made for yourself, with the greater purpose driving your motivation. THREE FEAR CONTROLLED FEAR-FREE LEVEL Your logical impressions, help to increase your worries of worse case scenarios. It becomes your responsibility to worry, not just for yourself but for others. As you collect more relevant evidence on what is happening, your fear and anxiety guide your actions. As the problems get harder to solve, and influence out of your control intervenes, you have faith that you can reach the ultimate goal. You overcome all your worries and fears by surrendering to the process. FOUR SCHIZOID EUPHORIA LEVEL Real evidence blends with abstract thinking. Subtle facts and figures feed your harmful beliefs. You see trends that don't exist, you overestimate risk, and you use information that isn't actually relevant. When you are unsure, to worry more becomes your only resolution. The process takes control and you are enraptured with a sense of powerful, unstoppable drive to seek the solutions to the most difficult problems. FIVE SEVERE WORRY ABSOLUTE FOCUS LEVEL Everything becomes an internalized emergency, and you turn off your emotions to help you deal with it. You now think that only the worst outcome is possible, and you seek reassurance in your own biased fact finding. You are so preoccupied with your worries that you can't work on any solutions. Your euphoric and untethered mindset opens vast reservoirs of inventiveness and creativity, resulting in greater productivity and quality problem solving. SIX xlO x10 ©2010, Max Hancock,

Worry vs Focus

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What is it that keeps us from being creative? This infographic examines the levels of worry and focus, with level six focus being the ultimate goal.



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