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World Toilet Day orld toilet day PHOT toilet day WORLD TOILET DAY @WaterAidUK #WTD2013 19 NOVEMBER "Sanitation is more important than independence" Mahatma Gandhi, 1925 "I GIVE A CRAP. DO YOU?" 2.5 2.7 billion million don't have access to a toilet People die every year from lack of sanitation Diseases More die from diseases caused from not having a toilet than from HIV/AIDS, Malaria & TB combined Diarrhoea Globally the #2 biggest cause of child death Faecal Matter Amount consumed by people without a toilet: 10g per day! One gram of faeces can contain: 10,000,000 viruses 1,000,000 bacteria 1,000 parasite cysts 100 parasite eggs In 2007 modern sanitation was voted the most important milestone since 1840 Most Entertaining Toilet Toilets The Saga Toylet: A Computer Console Powered by Urine, Japan around the World... 1,000 Facilities $29 Scariest Toilet Million Largest Public Toilet China World's Most Expensive Toilet Made From Solid Gold, Located At The Top Of A 15-Story Elevator With A See-Through Floor, Mexico Hong Kong Crazy Psycho was the first film to show a toilet flushing King George II died falling off a toilet on 25 October 1760 Toilet Facts... You will spend 3 years of your life on the toilet 7 BILLION litres of faeces are produced every day The average person uses 57 sheets of toilet paper per day - That's 20,805 sheets in 1 year! The first cubicle is always the cleanest and always the least used Your Toilet Seat Is Cleaner Than Your: Fridge Handle Teddy Bear Car Steering Wheel Kitchen Sponge: 200,000 times more germs Garden Trampoline: 400 times more germs Desk: 400 times more germs Computer Game Controller: Nearly 5 times more germs "There are about 200 times more faecal bacteria on the average cutting board than on a toilet seat" Dr Chuck Gerba, 2012. Sources: Unicef, International Year of Sanitation 2008: Overview, 2008. SPLASHDIRECT LOVE YOUR BATHROOM

World Toilet Day

shared by splashdirect on Oct 22
Infographic created for World Toilet Day: featuring shocking sanitation facts, the most interesting toilets around the world and crazy things you wouldn’t know about toilets




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