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Workplace Zen and Job Stress Management

WORKPLACE ZEN AND JOB STRESS MANAGEMENT Over 80% Over the last five years, but only 37% feel that they're managing stress well. 60% of adults of employed Americans feel stressed out at work. have tried to lower their stress levels Common Stress Symptoms Americans Experience Irritability or Anger 37% Fatigue 37% Feeling Overwhelmed 35% Changes in Sleeping Habits 30% TOP Job Stressors Low Wages 14% Unreasonable Workload 14% Annoying Coworkers 11% Commuting 11% A Job That Isn't a Chosen Career 8% Poor Work-Life Balance 7% Lack of Opportunity for Advancement 6% Fear of Being Fired or Laid Off 4% 50% 5 of the Least Stressful Jobs and Stress Scores 5 of the Most Stressful Jobs and Stress Scores *Values represent an index score out of 100 Audiologist Enlisted Military Personnel 3.35 84.72 Hairdresser Event Coordinator 5.41 49.93 Jeweler Newspaper Reporter 7.26 46.75 Tenured University Professor Police Officer 8.43 46.66 Seamstress/Tailor Taxi Driver 9.5 46.18 Change Your Outlook Hello! How are you? Place reminders of happy times around your work space to create a more optimistic environment. Change these photos or mementos regularly to maintain your upbeat Talk it out when you're feeling stressed. Go out to lunch with a friend, talk to a coworker Express gratitude toward coworkers to increase about solutions for a difficult client, or get a unique outside perspective from a phone psychic. Getting verbal support reduces stress. feelings of optimism. attitude. Get Active to Reduce Stress and Combat a Sedentary Job Practice yoga on your lunch hour two or three days a week to reduce depression and increase feelings of well-being. In a 90 day study, participants who took two 90-minute yoga classes each week experienced numerous benefits. Depression levels dropped 50% Anxiety levels dropped 30% Overall well-being scores increased 65% Meditate in the morning, at lunch, or after work to lower anxiety levels. William W. George, former CE0 of Medtronic Inc., meditated for 20 minutes before and after his work day. After an 8-week meditation course, 20 of 22 anxiety-prone participants experienced a 60% reduction in anxiety levels. Use Feng Shui for Stress Relief Color Psychology Office Arrangement Blue and black enhance Keep your back against a solid wall concentration and creativity Remove all clutter Green promotes iveness Get rid of fluores cent lights Lavender evokes a feeling of calm and peace Snack Your Stress Away Stock your workspace with snacks that are known stress relievers. Regular tea drinkers have lower levels of 40 grams of dark chocolate daily lowers stress hormones. Crunchy snacks like carrots and celery help loosen a clenched jaw. Milk boosts tryptophan which in turn helps with the production of serotonin. the stress hormone cortisol, Leafy greens like chard and spinach provide a Oranges are packed with vitamin C which strengthens the immune system and helps lower stress hormones like Oatmeal and other complex carbs increase the feel-good chemical serotonin in the brain. dose of B vitamins which support dopamine and serotonin. cortisol. Brought to you by HOLLYWOOD Honest Answers. Better Life. Sources: Yoga and Meditation: ntal_Health_Letter/2009/April/Yoga-for-anxiety-and-dep ression Job Stressors and Statistics: 6945/10027728/en/Workplace-Stress-on-the-Rise-With- 83-of-Americans-Frazzled-by-Something at-Work.html ostat istics%20on%20The%20Benefits %20of %20Medita tion.pdf es/stress/2012/im pact.aspx?item=2 Feng Shui: Most and Least Stressful Jobs: ful-jo bs-2014 e-to-color/index.html eng-shui bs-2014 Changing Your Outlook: /ehjh45hdfd/make-your- home-and-workspace-optimistic-3/ Stress-free Snacking: s-management presentation?slideshow=185373#sharetagsfocus atitude-3/ boss?slideshow=185373#sharetagsfocus ess-study-finds.html

Workplace Zen and Job Stress Management

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Job got you down? Find out some simple, fun ways to find your workplace zen and manage your stress in healthy ways!


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