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Workplace Stress: Signs, Symptoms & Treatment

Workplace stress STRESS IS A PREVALENT AND COSTLY PROBLEM IN TODAY'S WORKPLACE. 3/4 of employees About 1/3 of workers report believe the worker has more on-the-job stress than a genera- tion ago. high levels of WORKPLACE STRESS IS THE stress. HARMFUL PHYSICAL AND Evidence also suggests that stress is the major cause of turnover in organizations. EMOTIONAL RESPONSE THAT 1/4 of employees view their jobs as the number one stressor in their lives. OCCURS WHEN THERE IS A POOR MATCH BETWEEN JOB DEMANDS AND THE CAPABILI- TIES, RESOURCES, OR NEEDS OF THE WORKER. 2 Blood is shunted to the brain and large muscle groups, and away from extremities, skin, and organs that are not currently serving the body. I An area near the brain stem, known as the reticular activating system, goes to work, causing a state of keen alertness as well as sharpening of hearing and vision. THERE ARE FOUR 3 The immune and digestive systems are temporarily shut down. MAIN PHYSIOLOGICAL REACTIONS TO STRESS: Energy-providing compounds of glucose and fatty acids are released 4. into the bloodstream. CAUSES unre vely high workloads, with deadlines making people feel rushed, under pressure and overwhelmed Insufficient workloads, making people feel that their skills are being underused. A lack of control over work activities. Bullying or harassment. A lack of interpersonal support or poor working relationships leading to a sense of isolation. People being asked to do a job for which they have insuf- ficient experience or training A poor physical working environment, eg excessive heat, cold or noise, inadequate lighting. malfunctioe seating. SIGNS oning equipment, etc. display a range of signs that may be noticed by colleagues and other managers. Individuals suffering from stress often etc - PHYSICAL illness - TIREDNESS and irritability such as headaches, nausea, aches and pains TREATMENT You'll need to be proactive if you want to cure your job stress. - SEEMING jumpy or ill-at-ease, or admitting to sleeping badly - REDUCED quality Here are some fixes that address the causes listed above: of work - INCREASED sick - IF OVERWORK is your problem, take a vacation, leave work on time as often as possible, and avoid taking work home. - INDECISIVENESS leave and poor judgement CHANGES in working day patterns - perhaps by staying late or taking work home - LOSS of sense -IF YOU'RE WORRIED about layoffs, all you can do is make sure you're prepared should that happen. of humor - IF YOUR STRESS is having a profound effect on your life, don't be afraid to - IF YOU ARE HAVING conflicts with your boss or co-workers, try to work them out. Although it may be diffi- cult to resolve personality differ- ences, you can try to figure out a way to get along better. - IF YOU FIND that you made the wrong career get professional help. choice, or your career is no longer fulfilling, it may be time for a change. Make your choices carefully. In partnership with Visual Loop Sources: INFO GRAPHIC WORLD LABS

Workplace Stress: Signs, Symptoms & Treatment

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Workplace stress is the psychological reponse of human body that occurs when there is a poor match between job demands and the capabilities, resources, or needs of the worker. About one third of all e...


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