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Workout Myths and Misconceptions

MYTHS & WORKOUT MISCONCEPTIONS NO NEED FOR A WORKOUT PLAN Go into the gym knowing what you are going to do. Working out without a plan causes delays and lack of focus. DOING THE SAME ROUTINE EVERY SINGLE DAY Performing the same repetitive motions day in and day out will lead to plateaus where the muscles become accustomed to the exercise and stop improving. WARMING UP IS UNNECESSARY Going straight into exercise without preparing the muscles is taking the fast track to injury. muscles through heavy strain without first activating them with dynamic stretching and movement can cause damage. STATIC STRETCHING IS THE BEST WARM UP It can actually inhibit performance. The solution is to warm up with dynamic stretching that uses muscles in the same way they'll be used during the exercise but without added weight. IF YOU DO CARDIO, YOU WON'T GAIN MUSCLE Cardio burns more calories but that does not mean it will make muscle gains impossible. Make sure you consume enough calories to replace those that are lost and you will still gain muscle. TOO LIGHT OR TOO HEAVY Using more weight than your muscles can actually control can cause injuries and you will overcompensate, reducing the effectiveness of the motion. Using too little weight is not challenging enough to the body to spark change. THE CARDIO MACHINE'S CALORIE COUNTER IS ACCURATE The numbers are inaccurate since they do not take any of your physical attributes into account and it cannot understand how hard you are working, but only how quickly the machine's parts are moving. IF YOU WANT TO BE STRONG, YOU NEED TO BE BIG Weightlifting does not directly correlate with an increase in size, but almost certainly will increase strength. Large size is not a requirement for incredible strength. ONLY USING EXERCISE MACHINES AND AVOIDING FREE WEIGHTS Machines utilize only one path of movement that may or may not agree with your body's natural motion. Use free weights or bodyweight a majority of the time. ONLY WORKING A FEW MUSCLES Often displayed as someone training only the muscles visible in the mirror, or only the upper body. This creates imbalances that not only look strange, but can cause peculiarities in the body's flexibility and movement. ONLY PERFORMING ISOLATION MOVEMENTS: Performing full body compound exercises will target multiple muscles at once and deliver much more powerful results. BAD FORM Ask for help from a personal trainer to show you how to use proper form on exercises you are not familiar with, or give you a refresher. OVERTRAINING Exercising too much with no time to rest can lead to injuries and minimize the other essential aspect of exercise, which is recovery. Without recovery, none of the work put in will be worth it. Exercise breaks down the muscles and it is only in the recovery phase where the muscles truly grow. ALWAYS WORK OUT A MUSCLE TO FAILURE This is a subset of overtraining. If you work your muscle to failure on every workout, you will not fully recover and will hinder your body's ability to grow long term. ENDLESS AB EXERCISES DELIVER A FLAT STOMACH No amount of exercise will reveal abs without proper nutrition. You will have strong ab muscles but fat will still prevent definition. Eat whole foods, protein, healthy fat, vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Avoid processed foods. "I'LL GET LEAN BY EATING NO CARBS" Carbohydrates are the body's primary source of energy and without them you will likely not see the types of improvements you are hoping for. Whole grains, legumes, vegetables, and minimally processed grains are good examples of carbs that probably will enhance, not hinder your diet plan. NOT DRINKING ENOUGH WATER Dehydration is one of the largest inhibitors of muscle function. Water is key to a fully functional brain and body, and someone who exercises regularly should drink even more water than the recommended eight 8-0z. glasses of water per day. NOT SLEEPING ENOUGH The body releases growth hormone while you sleep. Not receiving enough of it could hinder the full benefits of exercise. Sleep also provides energy and mental acuity. MUSCLE TURNS INTO FAT Muscle and fat cannot change into each other. Fat and muscle development are entirely separate and muscle will not become fat if you stop exercising, although fat can accumulate if more calories are being consumed without being burned. IT'S POSSIBLE TO SEE RESULTS INSTANTLY SOURCES Don't be impatient and overtrain expecting that it will speed up gains. You will see improvements over time as you consistently exercise. b 3787494.html 100/145 fitness tip.html BROUGHT TO YOU BY CHUZE FIT NE S S

Workout Myths and Misconceptions

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Fitness and health are growing topics that don’t seem to be a trend or fad. There is so much different information out there; it is hard to really decipher what advice is beneficial. This infographi...


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