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Women and Their Skin: A Love-Hate Relationship

Women and Their Skin: A Love-Hate Relationship The vast majority of women are unhappy with the way they look, most complaints having to do with the size and shape of their body. Skin problems, however, occupy a top position among women's frustrations with their body. Here we take a look at the love-hate relationship between women and their skin, revealing effective solutions for the most common issues. The Hate A study by Noxzema revealed how women truly feel about their skin. Their findings were surprising: Less than 10% of women 27% would put a bag over 44% learned how to care for love their skin their head during a bad skin their skin by imitating their day mothers' routine 33% would give up a free 25% would give up sex for a Majority of women is most vacation in return for a month in exchange for a clear concerned about their skin blemish-free skin for a year complexion when facing co-workers at a meeting. 3 Biggest Skin Care Woes 1. Acne 50M 3 major causes: Americans affected » Blockage of oil-releasing hair follicles » Overproduction of oil by enlarged $2.2B oil glands cost of prescription drugs > Bacteria 2. Rosacea 16M Possible causes: Americans affected > Vasomotor instability > Dermal matrix degeneration 40% • Abnormal cathelicidins of sufferers have it in their family 3. Dermatitis 80% Aggravating factors: of all cases are irritant contact dermatitis > Detergents • Solvents 15M » Powders, dust, and oil U.S. workers affected Different Types, Different Problems Dry Oily Sensitive Normal Dry skin is unattractive, uncomfortable, and even a health risk, causing itchy scalp, sensitiveness, and Thick and dull looking, oily Affecting millions, this type This type of skin represents skin is characterized by of skin is prone to red the perfect balance large pores, pimples, and patches, blemishes, tight- between oil and cell turno- ver. The best skin care ness, or stinging sensation. Temperature, chemicals, other unattractive blem- skin infections. ishes. Needs special care to routine is to maintain the prevent pore clogging. and hormones may cause right moisture level and imbalances. prevent bacteria. Quick Fixes for Major Problems One third of the respondents to the ASDS Consumer Survey on Cosmetic Dermatologic Procedures would consider having a cosmetic procedure. Top procedures are: Ultrasound and laser for skin tightening and wrinkles 74.1% Laser treatments for redness and scars 65.9% Body sculpting 57.5% 4 in 5 92% respondents declared themselves satisfied of respondents were happy with wrinkle-relaxing injections. with microdermabrasion results. Top 5 Skin Care Tips No Sun. For best protection, women should seek shade, wear protective clothing outside, and avoid peak sun hours. No Tanning Beds. Recent studies have linked indoor tanning devices with melanoma and other skin cancers. Use a Hat. Don't leave home without covering your head, in order to ensure protection of the skin and style up your appearance. Check Yourself Regularly. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer developed by Americans, but caught in time is highly treatable. Examine your skin at least once each month to make sure nothing looks abnormal. Don't Give Up! No matter if you're in your early 30s or late 50s, aging can be reversed. Skin renewal procedures provide the tools that can help women mend what nature cannot. The importance of an effective skin care routine cannot be overstated. Don't take your skin for granted - care for it and protect it using natural treatments and effective cosmetic procedures to eliminate flaws and rejuvenate your complexion! Sources: Bradford Brought to you by: Skin Clinio & Med Spa

Women and Their Skin: A Love-Hate Relationship

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The vast majority of women are unhappy with the way they look, most complaints having to do with the size and shape of their body. Skin problems, however, occupy a top position among women’s frustra...




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