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Women and HIV/Aids

Around the World Women In sub-Saharan Africa, More than women constitute 50% 58% and of people with HIV/AIDS are women. of all people living with HIV/AIDS. & AIDS & A study in South Africa suggested that nearly one in seven cases of young women acquiring HIV could have been prevented if the women had not been subjected to intimate partner violence. Women are at least twice likely to acquire HIV from men during sexual intercourse than vice versa. 57% HIV prevalence rate for young women is twice that of young men (among young people aged 15-24) of pregnant women* living with HIV received drug regimens to prevent HIV infections among children. *in low and middle-income countries, 2011 In the United States TOP FIVE STATES WITH THE HIGHEST RATE OF AIDS DIAGNOSES AMONG ADULT AND ADOLESCENT FEMALES, 2010 1 Louisiana 18.7 2 Florida 18.1 3. New York 15.5 4 Georgia 15.3 5 New Jersey 14.9 Rate (per 100,000) < 5.0 5.0-9.9 10.0-14.9 2 15.0 Women account for 300% African-American women have an HIV prevalence rate nearly 15 times that of white women. The proportion of AIDS diagnoses reported among women has more than tripled since 1985. ONE in FOUR new HIV diagnoses and deaths caused by AIDS. 2228 DIAGNOSES OF HIV INFECTION AND POPULATION asian and white hispanic black AMONG ADULT AND ADOLESCENT FEMALES multiple races POPULATION 68% 14% 12% 6% 2% HIV INFECTION 18% 16% 64% DIAGNOSES OF HIV INFECTION BY TRANSMISSION CATEGORY 87.56% 0.1% HETEROSEXUAL OTHER CONTACT Includes blood transfusion, perinatal exposure, and risk factor not reported or not identified Heterosexual contact with a person known to have, or to be at high risk for, HIV infection 12.38% THE VAST MAJORITY of women diagnosed with HIV contracted the virus through heterosexual sex. INJECTION DRUG USE SOURCES stats/statistics_women_and_hiv_aids/

Women and HIV/Aids

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HIV/AIDS has claimed 30+ million lives since discovery. Its impact on society can be seen worldwide through the illness itself, discrimination, and even economically. Learn how this disease affects th...


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