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Why Whole Body Cleansing and Detoxification is Vital to Your Health!

Why WHOLE BODY CLEANSING AND DETOXIFICATION is Vital to your Health! COMMON TOXINS THAT ENTER YOUR BODY! NON DIETARY DIETARY TOXINS TOXINS Pesticides Unwanted Bacteria Prescription Drugs Parasites Cosmetics Yeast Heavy Metals Food additives & Preservatives Environmental Residues GMO GM Organisms Cleaning Supplies SYMPTOMS YOU MAY BE TOXIC! Chronic Joint Pain Fatigue Trouble Bloating or Indigestion Skin Problems Sleeping Trouble Concentrating Bad Breath Headaches Bad Body Odor Constipation Depression Allergies Back Pain Trouble Focusing Irritability Sinus Congestion Respiratory Problems Hemorrhoids Mood Changes HOW THE BODY DETOXIFIES ITSELF Lymph Glands, Blood & Skin Lungs, Liver & Gallbladder Colon Kidneys & Bladder Absorbs water from the remaining indigestible food and passes excesS waste from the body. Produces and stores bile. Storage and removal of waste products: producing blood as well as carbon dioxide, urine and excess fluids. Filtering, recycling and Filters the blood coming from the digestive tract before passing it to the rest of the body. filtering excess fluids and absorbing fat-soluble materials for excretion. Help defend yourself against Today's BlessedVHerbs. Toxic World at today.

Why Whole Body Cleansing and Detoxification is Vital to Your Health!

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Identify common toxins that enter your body and symptoms you may be toxic + how the body detoxifies itself.


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