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Why There Will Be a Shortage of Doctors with ObamaCare

Why There Will Be a Shortage of Doctors with ObamaCare The Basics of ObamaCare • Official Name: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka Health Care for America Plan) Signed into Law: March 23, 2010 Purpose: Provides national Most Provisions Effective: January 1, 2014 health care aimed at improving the American system • Main Focus: Regulates the health insurance Reduces spending in health care Makes a minimum level of health insurance mandatory for most Americans industry • Provides subsidies for low income families on Health Insurance Exchanges • Ensures access for people with serious pre-existing conditions Key Benefits: Impact on People with Individual Coverage: • If your employer doesn't provide health insurance or you don't qualify for a government program, you will be required to carry health insurance or pay a penalty. $45,000, you will not qualify for subsidies. • If you earn over • Insurance plans offered on the Health Insurance Exchanges may be too expensive without subsidies. The Key Problem: Significant Shortage of Doctors Predicted with ObamaCare HIGHER DEMAND 32million 500,000 more people newly covered more young adults insured • Aging population using more health care resources • General population growth HISTORICAL & PROJECTED U.S. POPULATION 450.00 400.00 350.00 300.00 250.00 200.00 150.00 100.00 PROJECTED 50.00 GROWTH 0.00 U.S. POPULATION PROJECTIONS 2020 2030 2040 2050 21% 32% 44% 55% 341,387,000 373,504,000 405,655,000 439,010,000 Projected Population O Percent Change from Population in 2000 LEGEND: FEWER PROVIDERS New Physicians (Based on the analysis by the Association of American Medical Colleges) 16%O Medical school admissions are down by 6% 9,000 Projected to hit and 63,000 160,000 2015 2025 Current shortage: about 9,000 primary care doctors Fewer primary care practitioners coming out of medical school: 2$ Lower pay More insurance red tape Higher patient loads Less respected than specialists Longer hours than specialists CURRENT PHYSICIANS Nearly 1 in 3 practicing physicians are nearing retirement age. 100 80 In a recent survey of physicians, 83% are thinking of quitting because of ObamaCare while 90% feel that the U.S. health care system is now heading in the wrong direction. -The Doctor Patient Medical Association Foundation 6 아 4 아 2 아 83% 90% Previous surveys by Athena, Sermo, Deloitte, the Doctors Company Survey, the Physicians most doctors are unhappy with the direction of things, and a clear majority are opposed to the health care law. Foundation, and IBD/TIPP have clearly PROJECTING U.S. COMPANY CARE PHYSICIAN WORKFORCE NEEDS: 2010-2025 280,000 260,000 240,000 220,000 200,000 180,000 160,000 140,000 120,000 100,000 80,000 60,000 40,000 20,000 2010 2015 2020 2025 Baseline Population Growth Aging ACA Effect WHAT THIS MEANS WHEN YOU NEED A DOCTOR! Nurse practitioners and physician assistants picking up the slack Patient-centered homes, with teams handling the care to increase the patient-to-provider ratio More focus on primary and preventative care Withholding reimbursements from low-performing centers Funding for community health clinics Growth of private concierge health services Longer waits in emergency rooms Longer waits to get an appointment On average, getting an appointment with a new family doctor... In the U.S.: Just under 3 weeks In Boston, Massachusetts (under the state's near-universal coverage program): 2 months This is based on a 2009 survey by medical consultancy Merritt Hawkins. AFFORDABLE HEALTH INSURANCE EXCHANGE Helping You Select Your Best Health Care Plan Affordable Insurance Exchanges make buying health coverage easier and more affordable for many. Starting in 2014, these exchanges will allow individuals and small firms to: Find out if they are eligible for tax credits for private insurance or health programs Compare health plans Get answers to questions about health coverage options Enroll in a health plan that meets their needs WHERE DOES YOUR STATE STAND ON HEALTH INSURANCE EXCHANGE? Declared State-based Exchange Planning for Partnership Exchange Default to Federal Exchange State operates all health insurance exchange activities. May use federal government services for: • Premium tax credit and cost sharing reduction • Exemptions • Risk adjustment program • Reinsurance program State operates health insurance exchange activities for: • Plan Management • Consumer Assistance • Both Health and Human Services operates the health insurance exchange activities. The state may elect to perform or can use federal government services for: • Reinsurance program • Medicaid and CHIP (Children's Health Insurance Program) eligibility: assessment or determination WHAT YOU CAN DO NOW Take charge and start planning right away. Find affordable coverage that meets your needs before the new regulations are enforced. Sources: Pick up this graph at the link to the left and rework it. Brought to you by: iCan SM Population (millions) No. of Primary Care Physicians Federally-Facilitated Exchange 0081 State Partnership Exchange State-Based Exchange

Why There Will Be a Shortage of Doctors with ObamaCare

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Our health infographic titled, “Why There Will Be a Shortage of Doctors with ObamaCare” sheds light on what the Affordable Care Act is and how it will affect you. ObamaCare has a lot of controvers...


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