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Why Sitting is Killing Us (and what we can do about it)

Why Sitting is KILLING US www. IS GOOD and what we can do about it The hazards of sitting... FOGGY BRAIN WEAK BONES STRAINED NECK & SHOULDERS HEART DISEASE - PANCREAS PROBLEMS DISK DAMAGE COLON CANCER INFLEXIBLE SPINE MUSCLE DEGENERATION POOR CIRCULATION 8: hours a day AMERICAN ADULTS SIT FOR APPROXIMATELY Those sitting for more than hours a day were.. more likely to die from any cause .than people who0 48% 125% spent fewer than Chrs in front of a screen more likely to have heart problems more likely to be OBESE Excersize doesn't help much.. 6 hours sitting counteracts the health benefits of 1 hour of exercise Breaking up sitting with light activity: BUT! REDUCES BLOOD PRESSURE and REDUCES BLOOD SUGAR LEVELS WHAT CAN BE DONE!? Encorporate light acvtivity into your day Sit Smant! Set a timer for Good posture goes a long way mins Support lower back . and every time it goes off, take a few minutes to move walk Sit on some- thing wobbly stretch bend flex Alternate between sitting and standing squat lunge walk and talk • get some water take bathroom breaks make some tea . and sitting may not kill us after all References: health/wp/2014/09/08/take-a-seat-you-may-be-able-to-reverse-the-damage-to-your-health/ Created by © 2014 for CATFOODISGOODFORYOU.COM Tweet us: @catillest & @catfoodisgood4u

Why Sitting is Killing Us (and what we can do about it)

shared by catneligan on Oct 20
90% of my freelance design work requires being at a laptop. Same goes for blogging (the 10% being kitchen time!). Most people I know work in an office, and like myself, are stuck staring at a screen ...


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