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Why Most Diets Don't Work

Why Most DIETS DON'T WORK CFS AMERICA'S #1 FITNESS & WEIGHT LOSS CAMP MUSCLE LOSS When the body expends more energy than it takes in, it converts tissue to energy. Muscle is easier to convert into calories, so muscle is the first thing to go - not fat. SLOWED METABOLISM Muscle requires more calories to sustain than fat. As your body reduces muscle mass, you burn fewer calories. Meanwhile "starvation mode" kicks in and you begin consuming as few and storing as many calories as possible. MALNUTRITION YOP Many fad diets focus on (or omit) food groups, resulting in an unbalanced diet. This combined with reduced over-all intake can result in INCREASED APPETITE dangerous nutritional deficiencies. Your body responds to inadequate food intake with hunger. It responds to nutritional deficiency with cravings. This combination typically wears down the dieter until they break. RESULTS LONG TERM: Each time you lose weight, you sacrifice equal parts muscle and fat. However when you gain weight back, you gain more fat than muscle. Because fat is lower density than muscle, you'll look bigger even at lower weights - and because of reduced muscle mass, you'll burn fewer calories. In extreme cases, this cycle can cause loss of basic mobility. DANGER - AVOID THESE: EXTREME SUPERFOODS DETOXES, WEIGHT LOSS & DIET PILLS CLEANSES & PROMISES EXTREME DIETS Particular fruits or vegetables may contain As a rule of thumb, 1-2lbs per week is the maximum rate at which you can safely and sustainably lose weight. It may be possible to lose some weight rather quickly by trying a highly restrictive fad diet or a juice cleanse. more vitamins or other elements. However none of them is an instant weight loss fix. Likewise, there is no magic pill that will melt the fat away. At best, these approaches are useless. At worst, dangerous. Any diet promising faster results is potentially dangerous and/or taking shortcuts that will cost you in the end. However, this approach is not sustainable, and the results are almost always temporary - or worse, dangerous. The key to burning fat lies in building lean muscle while expending more calories than you take in. The more muscle you have, the more calories you can burn - both at exercise and at rest. DO THESE INSTEAD: Eat Balanced Meals Stick to a Schedale Exercise Every Day Designate set times for meals and for sleep. Eat 3 meals per day, roughly The ONLY way to lose fat and 4 to 5 hours apart. retain muscle is to exercise. Eat a diet rich in fruits and Get your body used to a You don't have to become an vegetables (roughly 50%). routine, and you'll have a much easier time staying on olympian - just sticking to a simple but well - balanced training program is usually Avoid high-sugar or artificially track. sweetened foods. sufficient. Make sure to get at LEAST 7 Keep your portion sizes hours of sleep per night. reasonable. Better Health! Better Life! Better You! HEALTH / FITNESS CFS WEIGHT LOSS CAMP www.CFSCAMP.COM

Why Most Diets Don't Work

shared by Skyrider on Jul 05
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After reading an article from a top news site that got everything wrong, I felt inspired to put some real facts about diets and exercise out there. Here it is. I hope it helps someone.




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