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Whooping Cough And The Great Vaccination Debate

WHOOPING COUGH VACCINATIONS YES OR NO? Whooping Cough Feels Almost Like a Flu Eyes that are red & watery Fever Cough Runny or stuffy nose Accumulation of thickened mucus in the airway The cough sounds like a deep bark or a 'whoop' hence the common name whooping cough. causes cough that can not be controlled. Uncontrolled cough can cause the following symptoms: Vomiting Redness of the face Blue tinge to the face Extreme tiredness Who is Most Affected by Pertussis? ANYONE at any age The elderly with respiratory problems Babies & children The risk of further complications is much higher, and can result in pneumonia. People with weakened immune system EVERYONE should get The whooping cough booster vaccine for adolescents & adults VACCINATED is recommended. Whooping Cough is Highly Contagious Illness is more pertussis can infect 12 to 15 < healthy people. contagious at the beginning and people spread it unwittingly before knowing they are sick. USA Breakouts in Numbers 2013, Tallahassee, Florida: 26 children between the ages of 1-5, 2 staff members, and 11 family members of the children contracted 2014, Elk Grove, California: the community consisted of 4,500 preschoolers, and all except for 80 of them had been fully vaccinated. The incidences of whooping cough in that whooping cough 2014 32,971 communiy was almost 5 times higher than the surrounding areas. 6,000 new cases of whooping cough people were vaccinated People get infected despite the vaccine Children get infected even though they have had the vaccine! 13 deaths mostly infants less than 3 months Reasons are numerous, including not having the full schedule of shots. old Scientists believe that over a Whooping Cough period of time, exposure to the vaccine motivated theHas Evolved in organism that causes pertussis Response to Its to mutate, to protect itself from the vaccine. Vaccine Side Effects of the Pertussis Vaccine Brain injury A rash or allergic reactions Fever Redness and swelling of the 3,000 cases of brain injury or death in America injection site SHARE THE KNOWLEDGE. SHARE THE INFOGRAPH. ASK, SHARE, CONTRIBUTE. ONLINE HEALTH-RELATED COMMUNITY, A person with

Whooping Cough And The Great Vaccination Debate

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Potential risks of a vaccine are often what stop a parent from getting their child vaccinated. There have been many studies and discussions about side effects of various vaccinations, and this also in...




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