Who Wants to Live Forever?

Who Wants to Live Forever? WHY ARE WE SO DETERMINED TO STOP NATURE? The Oldest Person In The World 126 SCIENTISTS THE MAXIMUM HUMAN BELIEVE LIFE SPAN IS AGING IN HISTORY DO PEOPLE REALLY LIVE LONGER NOW? AUGUSTUS CAESAR LIVED TO 75 MICHELANGELO LIVED TO 88 O LIFE EXPECTANCY AT BIRTH 88 U.S. AVERAGE (2012) JEANNE CALMENT 80 77 67.2 75 70 U.S. AVERAGE (1902) MICHELANGELO Born: February 21, 1875 Arles, France 60 AUGUSTUS CAESAR 50 49.2 Died: August 4, 1997 Dies of Natural causes 30 38 30 31 20 Age: 122 years, 164 days 10 * The only person to have Ancient Rome Medieval Britain Early 20th Century 2010 world lived past the age of 120. 100 to 500 AD 600 to 400 ADE average Lie Espectancy MONACO 89.73 AGING: NATURE VS NURTURE JAPAN #5 82.25 UNITED STATES #49 78.37 ANGOLA #227 38.76 FACTORS FOR 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 Genes Genes constitute about one-third LONG LIFE of the factors leading to long life. The other two-thirds have to do The Truth Behind Anti-Age Lifestyles False with lifestyles and chance. Lifestyle and Chance True or LIVE YOUR LIFE EXPECTRACY TO THE FULLEST EATING VEGGIES PROLONGS YOUR LIFE True FLOSS REGULARLY 6.4 Vegetarian men live an average of 9.5 years longer than meat-eating men Vegetarian women live an average of 6.1 years longer, than meat-eating Flossing regularly can add 6.4 years to your life. Those with gingivitis and periodontitis have a mortality rate years women 100 231.-467. 75 - 50 - that's 23% to 46% 25 - higher than those without the gum MARRIAGE INCREASES LONGEVITY mortality rate diseases. Men who True remained in DRINK TEA long-term FOR MEN marriages are Drinking green tea regularly may likely to live to age 70 and beyond cut cancer risk by 90 percent. 706- risk of cancer Those who drink AND five or more cups of Women who divorced and green tea daily have did not remarry lived nearly as long as those who were the lowest chances AMOUNT OF CANCER FIGHTING ANTIOXIDANTS 1 CUP TEA 1 SERVING OF of dying from stroke steadily married. FOR WOMEN FRESH SPINACH or heart disease. 13 False STRESS DECREASES LONGEVITY TAKE YOUR VITAMIN D Eat foods like mackerel, fortified yogurt and orange juice, whole Continually productive men and women lived much longer than their more laid-back peers. eggs and Swiss cheese. BENEFITS LOWERS THE RISK OF DIABETES, CANCER, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, AND HEART AND KIDNEY DISEASE 14 + 7-8 STRENGTHENS THE IMMUNE SYSTEM HELPS BUILD BONES DRINKING WILL KILL YOU PERCENTAGE OF PEOPLE WHO DIE PREMATURELY HAVE SEX 100 . 697. False 60% 41% 75 Men who have sex once a week 50. are less likely to die in the next 10 years 25 compared to men who had sex less than years Moderate drinkers once a month tend to live the Women who are happy longest with their sex lives live an average of seven to eight years longer SPENDING TIME WITH FRIENDS (1/2 Being social cuts your risk of an early death in half A lack of social relationships Having close social relationships may Soc. AL was equivalent to smoking up be more beneficial to longevity than %3D RELATI NSHIPS to 15 cigarettes a day pneumonia vaccines and hypertension drugs Sources: PRESENTED BY MEDEXSUPPLY.COM pagewanted-all&_r=0) DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING pdf,,, NON DRINKERS MODERATE DRINKERS HEAVY DRINKERS

Who Wants to Live Forever?

shared by NowSourcing on Dec 06
Ever wonder why we are so obsessed with stopping nature? Everyone grows old, but we seem determined to hold onto our youth.





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