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While You Were Dreaming

WHILE YOU WERE -Dreaming- 12% of people dream in black and white, the rest dream in 3 OF 25 color. 90% 90% of our dream is lost within the first minute that we wake. The colder your house is, the worse your dreams are. Keeping your house at an average temperature will improve your sleep patterns. 60° Most of us dream every 90 | 45 MIN. minutes with our longest, most vivid dreams (30–45 minutes) 190 MIN. occurring in the morning. Snoring occurs only in non-REM sleep, meaning it is impossible to dream while you are snoring. Dreams of being naked can represent feelings of vulnerability or being ashamed. Or it can also represent a desire for freedom. Dreams during REM often involve bizarre plots, while dreams that occu during non-REM sleep are often repetitive and conscious involving little imagery. r We do not invent people while we dream; we only dream of people who are familiar and significant to us. Dreams of teeth falling out can signify many things from fears of helplessness to loss in one's life to having a regret of saying something you shouldn't have. Men tend to dream more about other men than they do about women, whereas women tend to dream of both genders equally. Sources Brought to you by: O sleep genius SERENE

While You Were Dreaming

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Do you have staying awake and refusing to dream? Can't sleep? Well, we can't help you. It turns out, dreams are a good thing. Read why.


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