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What's Causing Your Headache?

WHAT'S CAUSING MY HEADACHE? Whether a migraine or a hangover, the headache is one of the most common nervous system disorders in the world. See how widespread the headache really is and take a look at some common causes-you might be quite surprised! A HEAPING HELPING OF HURT There are 200 of people suffer from occasional headaches 90% 50% varieties of headaches 47% of adults have experienced a headache in the past year of headache sufferers self medicate 157,000,000 Migraines cost 157 million workdays each year only 40% of migrane Despite how widespread headaches are, they often go undiagnosed and untreated. sufferers are professionally diagnosed only 8% of sufferers claim their migraines don't interfere with work HEADACHE TRIGGER ROUNDUP SEX STRESS Technically called "tension headaches", these are the most common headaches in adults Some people suffer acute headaches during sexual activity SUDDEN ONSET Occurs without warning 90% GRADUAL ONSET Begins as an aching on within seconds of orgasm the sides of the head, with pain increasing as sexual excitement grows of adults have had or will have a tension headache Stabbing, throbbing pain CAFFEINE ALLERGIES The average US adult consumes 277 mg of caffeine each day That equals about 2-3 cups of coffee 14x People with allergies are 14 times more likely to experience migraines 0,00./day 1. The body releases histamines upon contact with allergens 2. These histamines cause blood vessels in the brain to dilate Using over 200mg of caffeine can lead to headaches 3. The ensuing pressure causes headache ALCOHOL FOOD The primary cause of a hangover is dehydration COMMON HEADACHE TRIGGERS: Alcohol expands blood vessels in the brain, increasing cranial pressure -Chocolate -Peanuts Liver produces headache-causing acetaldehyde when breaking down alcohol -Aspartame -Bananas -Potato chips -Dairy products -Pizza POOR POSTURE ENVIRON- MENTAL External factors that trigger headaches: Leads to cervicogenic headaches (begin in the shoulders and neck, spread into the head) WEATHER CHANGES 73% ODORS 64% AVOID: -Slouching -Sitting for too long -Sleeping on stomach with head turned to one side BRIGHT/FLICKERING LIGHT 59% EXTREME TEMP. 38% ELEVATION 31 % -Jaw Clenching SOURCES http://www.todayifoundout.comindex.pho/2012/01/what-causes-headaches/ http //www.realage com/headache migraine/headache-prevalence attp www.who int/mediaceatre/factaneets/fs277/en http // http // headaches/DS0645 http // beadaches/guide/tension-headaches http // attp /allergies migraines ntm http // headaches/ http // pictures/8 foods that trigper es aspx http // beadaches/guide/triggers specilic foods http //www.betiterhealth vic. and the musculoskeleta system attp twwww.wetbmd comemigraines beadaches/headache and mnigraine trigger weather

What's Causing Your Headache?

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Did you know there are 200 varieties of headaches? Learn about what causes this common ailment!




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